I’m Jema Lee

Period coach, menstrual

cycle educator & speaker.

Tired of dreading PMS, period pain & contraceptive confusion? Ready to discover your
secret womb weapon?

Perfect, you’re in the right place.


I’m thrilled that you’ve landed here!

I’m a menstrual cycle advocate, period coach and day time mermaid. Also an ancestral health nerd, obsessed with everything yoni related and I’m life purpose –  (kinda deep I know, we just met but…) teaching menstruators from all over the world that your period is your hidden superpower!

If you’re craving vitality, confidence and empowering bodily change, I know what your missing element is – menstrual cycle awareness. Wanting to know how to live in tune with your cycle, at ease and in flow… I’m ya girl!

Jema Lee, Menstrual Cycle Coach, Educator & Speaker, Australia

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she Say’s

Working with Jema feels like I’ve done 20 years of searching For the answers

and finally finding them all within 120minutes and a program with her that increases my energy, mental well being and overall quality of life in just a few months.”

Amber Hawken, Gold Coast Aus

I wish I’d started working with her earlier in life.

Jema is a brilliant source of inspiration, knowledge and encouragement. She teaches you the info you need to understand what true health is, but more importantly the framework you need in order to take well being into you’re own hands, and does it in such a supporting and nurturing way. She’s given me the confidence to really connect with myself and the inspiration to start seeing life in a brand new light and it feels REALLY good.”

Jenni Youdell, London UK

Jema has this effortless way of holding space

and making you feel both seen and understood, as well as informed. She’s inspired and empowered me to realise how strong, beautiful and capable I am of healing and I highly recommend working with Jema as our guide, trust me you won’t regret it!”

Kayla MacDonald, Sunshine Coast AUS

The Podcast

“This podcast has transformed my cycle awareness and supported me in healthier body chances.”

A podcast hosted by Jema Lee dedicated to bringing to life taboo, shamed, vulnerable and not talked enough about topics in women’s health. From all things menstruation, poo, periods, sex, orgasim and fertility, to femininity, sensuality and sexuality.

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