Ready to ignite

your inner radiance?

Turning your fears + frustrations
into your brightest glow!

I'm ready to glow
I can help you get your Glow back
You deserve to live a life you desire in a body that rocks your socks off!
Ready to ignite your inner radiance?
“Jema is so much more than just a food, nutrition & health coach”
She’s connected, delves into emotions, your physical body and tunes into your energy field.

Hey, I’m Jema

Nutritional Educator, Wellness Coach, Motivational Speaker, Event Co-Ordinator, Self-Health Teacher
I’m known for my integrity, warmth, and my ability to communicate a sometimes overwhelming topic with a no-gimmick approach.

I support women in avoiding making mistakes, going round in circles and feeling totally lost in their own bodies.  Smashing through the health challenges and frustrations faced, I ditch all the fads and ignite your inner radiance.

For anyone who is thinking about working with Jema to achieve their goals, please do yourself the hugest favour and just do it!  Jema is awesome and will guide you through this journey with yourself.  I’ve learnt so much and have enjoyed every session, and always look forward to the next one.  With each session jam-packed with new, refreshing, enlightening and exciting information to follow on with.  I would highly recommend Jema to anyone who wants to turn their health around.  Thank you very much, Jema. Kaye Glasson

QLD, Australia

Thank you for all of your help with my pursuit of physical and spiritual health and wellness.  I’ve found your knowledge, philosophies and, most importantly, your beautiful energy to be incredibly insightful and inspiring! Nick

VIC, Australia

Jema is a breath of fresh air.  Her passion, energy and dedication to health and wellness is inspiring.  She makes healthy living easy by sharing practical tips.  Jema can help you live a wholesome life.  Her approach is holistic and incorporates mind, body and soul to create a balance that works for YOU. Emily Holmes

Conscious Foodie

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