Gluten is generally a harmless byproduct of processed wheat and grain (like barley and rye). But it does present a lot of negative influence to certain people’s overall health, vitality and well-being. Knowing this, it makes a lot of sense for you to jump on the gluten free bandwagon and take advantage of the gluten free benefits so you can feel the best you’ve every felt as well. I’ve put together 10 reasons why you should go gluten free and adapt a gluten free diet.

10 Reasons Why You Should Go Gluten Free

10 Reasons Why You Should Go Gluten Free

1. Five to ten percent of the entire world’s population may actually be suffering from gluten sensitivity and not be aware of it according to the National Institute of Health, University of Chicago, Celiac Disease Center. You might be among those who don’t know that they need to adhere to a strict gluten free diet.

2. A review paper in The New England Journal of Medicine have actually linked gluten to the development of 55 diseases, including cancer and heart ailments.

3. Gluten has also been found to cause gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, skin blemishes and headaches.

4. People with mild intestinal inflammation and who exhibit poor adherence to a gluten free diet have been found to face an elevated risk of death, as reported by a new Swedish study led by Jonas F. Ludvigsson, MD, PhD.

5. Gluten toxicity can damage the brain and promote ataxia, which basically affects your gait and gross motor skills.

6. It also stresses out your adrenal glands, causing it to abnormally release and influence hormones, which may result in reproductive and emotional problems. Gluten free benefits often include improvement in fertility as well as minimization of ADD, depression and anxiety attacks. (and yet we stuff out kids full of bread!?)

7. Gluten prevents the body from absorbing the nutrients it requires as it tricks your immune system into hurting the body trying to fight back against the gluten instead of protecting it.

8. The amazing this is, we don’t actually need gluten in order to survive. It’s basically just protein that gives specific food groups elasticity and a chewy texture. There are a lot of alternatives you can use to replace your gluten favourites. In my programs I walk you through how to adapt a customised gluten free diet into your lifestyle.

9. Gluten almost always come with chemicals and preservatives so it’s not really healthy to consume on a regular basis anyway.  Remember natural is nutritional!

10. Finally, eating gluten free food will help you eliminate unhealthy carbohydrates and oils from your diet, thereby supporting overall weight control.

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