So you want to find out some more about me. Great, I love to share.  If you haven’t already read the About page I recommend you jump over here and do that first.  Now I’ve had a lot of very different obscure career ventures, lived through many different situations, travelled to far adventurous corners of the globe and met many incredible people who have all contributed to my personal Journey.  But like anyone there are always some things that you just may not of known.

Here are 10 things about me, you didn’t know:

1.  I’m a photographer, it’s actually my day job. – check out my work here

2.  I’m the eldest of 4 children, all of whom are my best friends.

3.  I love dancing – salsa particularly with my best friend Jess.

4.  I have an Advanced Diploma in Fashion Design.

5.  I Shaved for a Cure a few years ago and I actually LOVED being bald.

6.  Lee is my middle name, not my last.

7.  I’m a Libran.

8.  Travelling is a huge part of my life – but when I do, it’s always spontaneous and usually without a map.

9.  I sleep with my mattress on the floor – I find it grounding and love the open space in my room.

10.  I’m planning to have a very multicultural kitchen when I’m ‘grown up’ so I collect
 kitchen essentials from all over the world, one being ceramic chilli’s from Mexico.

Wellsome by Jema Lee, About Jema Lee

Here is a little bit more about my story:

I’m a creative soul, have been since I was a little kid so it is only natural for me to have my hands dirty creating something bizarre or doing something stupid and out of the ordinary. Long story short: I grew up in southern Victoria (Australia) until I was uprooted and relocated to the sunny Gold Coast. I spent my teenage years there and well pretty much until now. Upon graduating school I tossed up studying interior design or fashion design… gut choice for me I went with Fashion Design. I worked as a swimwear designer for 4 years until I needed a change so I started freelancing as a graphic artist, web designer and marketing consultant.

At 22 I started my own online retail store selling sports nutrition and distributing the products across the country. Now because I was clearly not already doing enough and I needed a more creative outlet I brought a fancy nancy camera after going through a brief ahhhhh-hhaaaaa moment. So starting out basic I did a couple of short courses in photography which wasn’t enough, so I threw myself back into uni, lived in my parents lounge room and studied my but off to become a Photographer – and I did graduating with honor’s I might add.  All this has led me to where I am today, here with you!  taking photos, writing and well, exploring the world.

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