10 ways to Boost your Digestion

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Do you know how your digestive system works?

What happens to your food once you’ve swallowed it? 

10 ways to Boost your Digestion

It’s almost safe to say that there aren’t that many people who actually know or understand the digestion system and how our food goes from Food to Poop.  Until recently I was one of those people.

In this blog post I’m going to give you a run through on digestion and it’s importance so you can better understand the importance of healthy digestion that will leave you feeling great.


This information will help you have a clearer understanding on how your digestive system works. … And it will outline the importance of nutrition and it’s effects on our body.

Food is VITAL for life!  The food we consume fuels our bodies creating energy that drives all of our body cells.  But how does our food become the fuel?  When we consume our food it needs to be broken down into molecules in order to pass through our digestive tract and on into our blood and then finally into our bodies cells.  But how does the wholefood we eat turn into molecules?  Well we can thank our amazing bodies and all of the organs that work together to compose our digestive system.  It’s crazy to think what our bodies are capable of!

The digestive system is made up of five basic functions:

– Eating/Swallowing – Ingestion
– Movement of food
– Digestion – breaking down of foods
– Absorption – the process in which the digested food is absorbed into our blood system
for distribution throughout our bodies.
– Defecation – forming our Poo, the elimination of the digestive substances that are indigestible.

So how well does your food get digested?



10 ways to improve digestion:

1. RAW Apple Cider Vinegar

2. Chew your food and do it food well

3. Eat ferments with meals (eg. kombucha, pickles, sauerkraut)

4. Avoid liquids with meals

5. Eat artichokes and bitter herbs

6. Avoid antacids

7. Avoid artificial preservatives

8. Avoid diary and gluten – go gluten free your body will love it

9. Consume adequate zinc & magnesium

10. Incorporate pre and pro biotics into your diet


Thanks for reading!  I’d love to hear from you  – share your comments and questions with me below.
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