13 Things Every Women Needs to Know About Her Period

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The three topics that are most common to all health and human’s in the world: sex, periods and poo.  We all poo, we all come from sex and if periods didn’t exist neither would we.

But it’s scaring how little most women know about their periods, including me. I never use to know anything except, take the pill and not fall pregnant. Oh and I also had cramps, cysts and acne, but totally thought that was ok.

Turns out it’s not!

Here’s the 13 things every women needs to know about their period

(all things I wish I learnt when I started menstruating)

1. Your period changes, and that’s beautiful!

Take a long deep breathe, I hear women all the time freaking out that their period is a day later or 2 days early. You’re period can potentially change from month to month for many reasons. The foods you eat could contribute to this as could your emotional state, lifestyle experiences, the moon, physical changes, long haul travel, medications and lots more. We’re not static, and your cycle wont be statically the same every cycle.

2. Your Cycle isn’t just when you Bleed

It’s so easy to get confused between what your cycle is and what your period is, and what the hell is the difference?

Your cycle is a full 4 stage (or phase) part that makes up your reproductive menstrual month, including ovulation, menstruation and the in-between stages too (see below). When we refer to your ‘period’ however this is just one of the 4 stages of your monthly cycle. Where as your cycle is the full month.

3. Your Period is made up of 4 stages/phases

Menstruation, Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal. These phases also link to 4 Inner Seasons of your cycle too; Inner Winter, Inner Spring, Inner Summer, Inner Autumn. To learn more about each of the 4 phases and Seasons Download my Free Love Your Cycle Guide here.

4. You bleed 13 times per year

We experience 13 cycles a year. Why? Our cycles flow and move with the lunar cycle (moon cycle). So despite only have 12 calendar months of the year we in fact have 13 mensural cycles. Yep that means 13 menstruations.

5. A regular period doesn’t have to be 28 days long

What even is normal?  A normal cycle is only normal for the body in which is experiencing the cycle. Huh?! That means that every women is different and therefore every womens cycle length will also be different.  On average between 26-32 days is considered a ‘normal’ cycle.

6. PMS Is not normal!!!

Like many women I use to think that cramps, period pain, bloating, food cravings, acne, headaches, snappy and moodiness was all just a normal part of being a women. Wrong! These so called pre-menstraul symptoms aren’t normal. In fact I don’t believe that’s the right name for them, truthfully any PMS “symptom” isn’t a symptom, rather it’s a sign to your body that something is going on and it’s calling out for you to listen. So don’t accept it, listen, learn and take steps to rebalance this sign.

7. What you eat effects your Period

Every element of food we put into our body effects our body. Our energy levels, are ability to digest, our mood, our endocrine system and that means our cycle

8. Your Bleeding time is your time for rest and detox

Your Menstruation time (when you have your period, and are bleeding) is the one time of the month your body is designed to rest and detox. Every month this is a womens inner time to detox and rebalance her body in preparation for the new cycle to come.

9. The Pill is not the only option for PMS

Once upon a time the pill (contraceptive pill) was considered the only way to ‘to not get PMS symptoms’. But it’s not your only option. Ultimately what you choose to do to rebalance and eliminate ‘PMS’ for your cycle is up to you. However consider the many natural and holistic ways that can support your body. I look at these in what can I do: nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to support my body, all things you can do complementary together.

10. Getting your period, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re fertile

Regular periods does’t mean you’re actually fertile. For many women this is huge shock when first trying to conceive/family plan. How? Well you can get your period whether you have or have not released an egg. A period without ovulation is called an anovulatory cycle, and yes it happens where you ovulation hasn’t released an egg. How to know if your fertile? Start by tracking your cycle, watch and view your discharge daily, possibly measure your basal body temperature, get your hormones and other blood tests done. If you’re seriously wanting to start a family, definitely go and get your bloods done it never hurts to know what your blood says about your fertility.

11. You can fall pregnant while your Menstruating

It’s super unlikely, but it is possible. Ovulation for some women can be unpredictable, although it’s “usually” around day 14 of your cycle every women is different and the ovulation can be anywhere between day 11 and day 21 for some ladies. And the kicker… Sperm can live inside you for a number of days after having sex, yep! So if you don’t want to fall pregnant use a healthy form of contraception – even if that means “pulling out”.

12. Spotting is not always a Bad sign Between periods

Spotting isn’t always bad. Depending where in your cycle are you different hormone balances of estrogen and progesterone which are always change can result in spotting. (Spotting: small amount of bleeding, enough to stain your undies). Now of course there are other reasons why we may spot to during our cycle. But how to know if spotting is concerning or not… Track your cycle. If you spot at the same time of your cycle it could very well be hormonal levels, but the only way to know is if you track your cycle for minimum 3 months to know your bodies nature and actions during your cycle. I always say if something happens more than 2-3 times, enquire and see what your body is saying with a blood test.

13. Tracking your cycle isn’t just for pregnancy planning

If you’re already tracking your cycle via an app or journalling you’ll know that tracking your cycle is much more than just knowing when you ovulate or menstruate. In fact tracking your cycle can unlock why you feel different things on different days including, food cravings, emotions, physical movement changes and lots more. Tracking your cycle is a must for all women to truly balance their health. (plus it’s free, so a no brainer too. Click here, to get my Free Love Your Cycle Guide and tracker)


Don’t track your cycle yet?

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