7 Health Trends to Jump on in 2017

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2016 was the year of kombucha, wellness retreats, turmeric and embracing coconut oil for pretty much e-ver-y-thing. (if you’re like me that is)
So what’s install for us in the amazing world of wellness and health?  Here’s my pick of the Top 7 2017 Health Trends. Foodies eat your heart out there are some health trends I have long awaited to go mainstream and I think you may agree.

Here are my picks;


Top 7 Health Trends to jump on in 2017: 

1. Plant based protein

The last few years has seen vegetarian and veganism becoming more and more common, with Veg restaurants, cafes and food trucks popping up all over the world. Will 2017 be the year that the ‘supplement’ and ‘protein powder’ industry jump on to the benefits of plant based power?  Whey for such a long time has been the go-to protein power and protein snack – but look out as I think plant based is about to take it up a notch.  Join us at our online community for free vid’s of plant based protein smoothies and recipes.


2. Look out Acai, Mushrooms are making their way

Asian cultures for centuries have been using mushrooms to protect the body, detox, reduce and lower inflammation. However mushrooms have recently been becoming more and more mainstream. The immune booster nutritional product I have been using for just over a year now uses special mushrooms for immune protection and support, and since using this daily I’ve noticed big differences in my ability to avoid bugs ‘going around’. Similar to how Turmeric blow up in 2016, keep your eye’s peel for mushrooms emerging mainstream; Reishi, Shiitake, Chaga and Lion’s Mane just to mention a few.


3. DNA all the way!

Over the past 2 years the world of Microbiome has been going main stream in a big way with more books, education and media coverage. In 2017 we’ll see a shift towards further unlocking the potential of our DNA. Last year at an international US health conference I attended I witness one of the biggest releases of DNA unlocking technology ever.  The shift to to improving the pathway of repair, restore and renewing our body from within is already hear… it just hasn’t gone main stream.  To learn more check out this video.


4. Going Natural – ditching the chemicals

The natural look is back, less make up, less chemicals and more bare skin. Personally I use to suffer embarrassing acne and only felt comfortable when wearing make up. Until 8 years ago I read a natural skin book gifted by mumzy, I made the switch to ditching the chemicals and embracing more holistic living and eating. And guess what – my skin started to clear up. Now I prefer not to wear make up and more and more people are moving this way too.
Tip: Get your hands on some beautiful Vegan/Chemical Free make up and start your transition in 2017! I use Zuii and Alexami make-up and chemical/parabeen free skin/hair care.  (read more about my chemical free swaps here – 5 Daily Healthy Skin Swaps for Non-Toxic Life)

Natural Beauty, chemical free skin care Make up free, chemical free

5. Hanging at home

Want to hang out? Picnics, movie nights in and good old hanging at home I believe is coming back. Actually I think it never ended however with more and more people today moving towards a healthy living this means less club crawls, binge drinking nights and so on – and more nights just hanging out at home. 


6. Minimalistic health, back to basics

It’s back and has been long awaited, our ancestors will be cheering from above. 2017 will see the move back towards simplistic eating, living and moving. Relaxing away from our over planned health regimes and back to feeling and serving: ‘what will serve my body today?’. Letting go of the daily health to-do list and mastering simple health tactics well and often.  
What a relief, it’s hardly healthy to be stressed about being healthy – double fist pump to more minimalistic health!


7. The year of leisure wear

2017 is the year leisure wear becomes acceptable in the workplace. FINALLY! AKA yes yoga pants are work cloths. Well I read about this one and have all my limbs, fingers and toes crossed it comes off as I love and live in yoga pants. Yes it’s totally acceptable, don’t you agree?


There they are, my Top 2017 Health Trends – what do you think?  Comment below.

Here’s to an amazing 2017!  Cheers
Regardless of trends, what’s in or not – do what feels right for you. Trust your body it always knows best after all the best is yet to come!

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