Ever guilt yourself into exercise and afterwards your body just feels blaaaah? What about when you get your period, do you keep exercising the same way you do every week or does it change when you’re menstruating?

Me well I was lick clock work. That was until I get injuries, I discovered my cycle and realised that somedays I just don’t want to go to the gym at 5am I want to sleep in a little.

I use to be the type of women who moved her body to sweat, to work and to look good.
EVEN when I had my period.
Can you relate?

But little did I know at the time that each phase of our menstrual cycle looks completely different and our body likes to embrace different types of movements throughout our monthly cycle.

No I’m not crazy – I’m in tune with my cycle.
Doing this changed my life.

Yes, it took me a while to let go of the gym stigma of“got to go to the gym to look good and keep balanced weight”but when I did, WOW how did my body change.

To be honest I was so scared to not go to the gym, because I thought that my body would change. But when I did stop going naturally it did change of course, but in a way that I absolutely loved.


You see…

Today in society there is so much pressure around “exercise”. A work that I’ve completely deleted that word from my vocabulary and I’m encouraging you too as well.

Let’s ditch “exercise” and bring in Movement!

It doesn’t matter how you move, just that you move that’s most important.

Throughout our cycle our hormone levels differ and change, this leads to different energy levels, different confidence levels and how much we want to be around other people. Let’s be honest, sometimes we just want to be at home on our own – and I know I’m not the only one.

But how do we honour ourselves throughout each of the different phases of our menstrual cycles?


4 Hacks to Exercising throughout your menstrual cycle

Ready to feel differently in the way you move your body from week to week – and do so without the pressuring guilt?
Here are may favourite seasonal hacks to help you do just that.


Hack 1. Inner Winter

As this is the time for healing, restoring and renewing our movement reflects much the same. We’re driven to move restoratively, softly and in a way that allows our body to heal. So grant your body the time to quieten down and turn inward.

My favourite ways to move in Inner Winter:

  • Yin yoga
  • Light stretching
  • Light walking
  • Light swimming (preferably in warm water only)
  • Gentle breathing practices
  • Meditation


Hack 2. Inner Spring

Post Inner Winter your energy is growing you’ll be ready to step out side and move your body more than what you have the previous few days. You’ll feel creative and want to try new things so it’s the best seasons to try that new gym class, yoga or pilates class, go boxing for the first time… etc.

My favourite ways to move in Inner Spring:

  • Going back to yoga
  • I may run a couple of times
  • Get back on my bike and go riding
  • Plan a social event for Spring, or leading into Summer
  • Try something where I need confidence to do so.


Hack 3. Inner Summer

Summer time is your peak energy and sass! It’s the time you’ll want to be moving with others, going dancing, catching up with people and expressing your high energy.You’ll be driven for social movement think moving with others, plan dates to go walking, dancing, pilates or a gym class.

My favourite ways to move in Inner Summer:

  • Dancing (at home or out)
  • Body weight exercises
  • Sweaty Yoga, for me this is Ashtanga
  • Running, Swimming, Bike riding
  • High Energy movement


Hack 4. Inner Autumn

Spend time outdoors in nature connect with yourself. It’s easy in this season to get the food cravings because of built up energy so it’s a great season to ensure you’re moving every day in some way. This means come Inner Winter (menstruation) you’re body will be completely ready to embrace rest and inward time.

My favourite ways to move in Inner Autumn:

  • Hiking or stairs / hill walks
  • Beach walks
  • Bike rides
  • Body weight exercises
  • Sweaty yoga classes


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