Discover the 4 Inner Seasons of your Menstrual Cycle

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Getting to know your body as a woman in full is life changing my clients would say. But it’s not until you begin to unlock the essences of your menstrual cyclical cycle that the penny drops and you truly begin to see and understand your body as a woman in a new way.

It’s why I loved discovering the 4 Inner Seasons of my menstrual cycle, and also why I love now sharing and teaching you about them as well.

Ancestrally knowing your cycle in depth as a woman was the key to knowing your bodies true health balance. Today too often cycles and periods are thought of as inconvenient, annoying, pain full and often also things some women wish they never got in the first place.

So what was it that the ancestors knew about their monthly cycles that today we may have lost contact with?

Living in tune with our 4 inner cycle seasons!

Over on this blog post here I shared a guide to getting to know the 4 phases of your cycle. These 4 “phases” of our cycle are referenced to in terms of western medicine, you can read what they are here. Similarly to these 4 phases, we also have 4 inner seasons. Seasons which align with each phases but involve much more than just science. Emotions, nutrition, movement, lifestyle, archetypes…

However our 4 inner seasons similar to our 4 phases are the 4 different seasons we experience internally within ourselves each monthly cycle.

Getting to know your monthly cycle through knowing your inner seasons, what day you’re on as well as what season you’re unlocks awareness and knowledge about your cycle that women we’ve had access to for centuries, is completely life changing. (Cycle changing you may say haha, true story though)

Connecting with your cycle in this way can end the confusion, frustration and hurdles faced on the quest of reaching our healthiest state. ‘Here’s to bringing back the ancient wisdom of living in tune with our cycles, and letting your period empower you.


Discovering Your 4 Inner Seasons

The average women’s cycle length differs from female to female, however it is about the same length as a lunar cycle (moon cycle):  28-29 days. Just like the 13 lunar cycles we experience every year, we also experience 13 monthly cycles. It’s within each monthly cycle that we experience the 4 inner seasons.  Like the seasons of our year, each season brings new opportunity of creativity, renewal, re-birthing, productivity, outgoingness and lots more!

Each of these 4 phases differs widely from the previous, affecting our energy levels, our food desires, ability to socialise, be productive and even creative. (this is just the surface)Learning to live in tune with your monthly cycle, flowing from one season to the next is like riding the currents of the ocean as appose to swimming against them. It’s when we fight against the current that we face challenge or danger in the water, rather than moving with the current. When we apply this to our flow through our monthly cycle we can experience the most magical shift occur.

** Reminder: Every women’s cycle length is unique to her, just as our seasons around the world are unique to each location. Getting to know your cycle and live in tune with your cycle, flowing through the seasons can aid in rebalancing your cycle length and cycle challenges.


Your Cycles 4 Inner Seasons


Inner Winter

Inner Winter is your menstruation time, time of bleeding. Also know as you’re ‘period’ time. It begins on day 1 of bleeding and for some earlier around day 27-28 of their previous cycles. Your inner winter is a time of yin – restoration, where we drawn inward, reflect and crave doing almost nothing. This phase lasts for between 3-7 days. Focus on REST and RELEASE during winter.

Inner Spring

Inner Spring is your follicular phase, the beginning of Yang where we gain more energy, feel explosive, creative and more active. This phase lasts between 7-10 days and begins with soft energy that builds and develops over this season through to the next.

Inner Summer

Inner Summer is our ovulation time of the cycle, our peak Yang state. We feel unstoppable, sexy, social and sassy. It’s our time for expressing, socialising and loving. This phase lasts between 3-4 days.

Inner Autumn

Inner Autumn is our pre-menstruation time and often the most challenge phase of all. It’s the beginning of our Yin cycle through to Inner Winter and lasts for around 10-14 days. A time where we begin to wind down and begin turn in ward again as we move through to inner winter to begin a new cycle.


Ready to discover where you are in your Inner Seasons?

Start here with discovering your seasons through cycle tracking with me my FREE Cycle Trackers, video email series and more here. And Join our next 7-Day Free Love Your Cycle Challenge, below.

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