The most aggravating aspect of abiding to a gluten free diet is the fact that the gluten itself is almost inescapable these days. Manufacturers have found so much use gluten that they’ve basically sprinkled every food option there is with the ‘glue’ (as I call it). This has a huge impact on limiting what people with either sensitivities of choices of a gluten free diet have as their main source of food. Fortunately, there are still affordable, delicious options you can buy to keep your health in check and your belly’s happy’n’full. Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and meat.  If you are looking to avoid and completely eliminate gluten from your diet all together I’ve put together a list of the five key non gluten free foods that you should avoid and ideal keep out of your shopping trolley.

5 Key Foods To Avoid On A Gluten Free Diet

5 Key Foods To Avoid On A Gluten Free Diet

1. Processed Meat. When you’re buying hotdogs, beef jerky and imitation seafood, think again. You’re basically getting 500 grams of wheat, barley or rye instead of the actual meat – you see they use these ingredients as fillers hence why it’s cheaper. Gluten is mainly used in these food preparations because it provides the same texture, elasticity and form as the original sources. Now, while it is wallet-friendly, the option is certainly unhealthy because it doesn’t provide you with anywhere near the same nutrients it’s supposed to. As you’ve probably heard a million times, fresh is best.  It’s always better to stock your fridge with the actual fresh meats that are gluten free foods and the fake, non-nutritious alternatives that can heat you not only on your health but in your gluten free diet too.

2. Commercial Pastries. Before we delve in deeper into this non gluten free diet option, I would just like to clarify that sweets are not necessarily part of the gluten free diet exemption – just those made out of wheat flour and its derivatives. This is because quiet often they can irritate our bodies intestinal linings, causing allergic reactions ranging from stomach cramps, diarrhea to skin blemishes. You should not buy cakes, cookies, and bread that have been manufactured in a factory or are commercially retailed because chances are, they contain loads of gluten. If you want to prepare snacks or desserts for your family, I advise you to make them yourself so you can be guaranteed that they are gluten free.

3. Boxed Cereals. Aside from the fiber content, which probably has been filtered to dismal amounts anyhow there’s nothing really healthy about eating commercial boxed cereals, regardless of whether it’s not of the wheat, barley or rye variety. Oats, bran and couscous could easily be contaminated by gluten rich grains not to mention these cereals are loaded with unrefined sugar.

4. Pre packaged Soups and Sauces in. Have you ever feeling feverish and the first thing you do is grab a canned soup? Well think again, not only are this instant soups artificial, processed and full of preservatives there is a very high chance that these non gluten free foods will worsen your condition and cause your immune system to diminish. Packaged soups and sauces often contain an absurd amount of artificial flavouring, preservatives and mainly gluten. Mum’s top tip!  Keep this stuff out of your children’s sight.

5. Yeasty Alcoholic Beverages. Yes, it is tempting to down a bottle of nice icey cold beer when you’re out with your friends or chilling after a strenuous day’s work. But a gluten free diet entails that you avoid everything that contains gluten and yes this includes beer, whiskey, scotch, gin and vodka. This step is sometimes the hardest for men particularly when giving up gluten. But not to worry there are many other alcoholic gluten free beverages available like wine, rum and tequila and more.  Not that I condone drinking.


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