I’ve already discussed with you the reasons why gluten could be potentially be making you fat. Why Gluten Could be Making you Fat. Well today I will be expanding on the this thought by letting you know about the top five ways non gluten free foods could be interrupting with your weight loss and possibly making you sick.

5 Ways Gluten is making you Sick and Fat

5 Ways Gluten is making you Sick and Fat:

1. Gluten triggers a number of health problems, especially among those who have ceoliac’s disease. This equates to 5% of the world’s population, and we’ve just crossed over the 7 billion marker worldwide, that’s a pretty alarming proportion. Some health symptoms irritated by gluten include multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome and osteoporosis. There have even been studies that confirm the connection of non gluten free foods with the development of heart disease and cancer.

2. Gluten causes chaos with your metabolism. Genetically-modified wheat is hard for our bodies to process and break dowon and yet it is commonly used in regular non gluten free foods. This wheat and gluten causes the body to exert more energy and effort in breaking down the gluten/wheat, pushing normal mammalian processes to its extreme. When one diet regulating hormone goes off the charts, usually the rest follows, precipitating abnormal responses. This all starts in the digestive system, the whole body declines and fights to break down and process the gluten and this eventually leads up to general dysfunction. Or as I like to call it metabolism chaos.

3. Non gluten free foods interrupt immune reactions by preventing the absorption of the right nutrients that are required for effective immune responses.  This indirectly lowers the quality of our natural defenses against viral, bacteria, fungal and parasitic infections. Gluten can also confuse the immune functions, forcing them to fight against the body itself to protect itself from Gluten. Not only does this process weaken, it also leaves you feeling sluggish and uselessly exhausted. Studies have confirmed that people without ceoliac disease still actually develop sensitivity to gluten because it triggers their immunity unnaturally. So do you have a good idea now of how destructive gluten can be to your body.

4. Ever felt cravings for curtain foods? Foods that contain gluten such as bread and pasta for example contain high amounts of carbohydrates however because of the gluten it is also very addictive and activates cravings. So instead of meeting the daily recommended intake of between 130 and 325 grams per day of carbohydrates, you end up consuming more, thus spiking your blood glucose levels… and if your trying to loose weight this makes it near impossible. Just imagine eating three gluten filled whole wheat sandwiches per day (41 grams each slice) and fixing it up with ham (1.5 grams), cheese (3.7 grams) and a spoonful of mayonnaise (0.6 grams) each time. If you do the math, you’re already meeting your carb needs at 265 grams. Of course, you won’t end it there so you’ll get yourself three granola bars (at 18 grams each), a serving of spaghetti (27 grams) and five shots of expresso coffee (1.7 grams) to address your cravings and fuel you for the day. That’s 90 grams more, bringing your total to 355. Alarming right?

5. A non gluten free diet usually contains super starch. Made out of dwarf variety, amylopectin A (which comes with gluten and is found in associated products) can easily raise your blood sugar levels with merely two slices of whole wheat bread. This encourages your body to aggressively store carbs as fat even though you don’t have that much excess in your system. And it forces you to feed more to meet your body’s needs.

So check in with your energy levels right now and think about the foods that you’re consuming each and everyday.  How hard is your body actually working to breakdown and possibly fight against gluten?  Could this be interferring with your weight loss goals? Let’s take that energy out of processing your food and put that into your daily energy levels, boost your metabloism and potentially burn fat in your sleep just by simplying giving up the gluten.

Going gluten free is not just for me, or you – it’s for everyone.  Get my Free get started Gluten Free Guide here. Gluten free weight loss could be the difference between feeling great and feeling sluggish.

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