It’s important to remember that we are all uniquely individual.  What might work for you, your partner or a friend when it comes to diet will be completely different to what work’s best for you and your body.  On the note of snacking, some people prefer to graze throughout the day, making snacking essential. While others prefer to sustain 3 large meals.

Snacking in general is easily questionable, but what about in your gluten free lifestyle.  Naturally GF snacks have been associated with fresh and natural fruits and vegetables. Now while this type of snack is healthy and nutritious, some of you may find that you’re after something totally different, perhaps something sweet or savoury.

6 Healthy Gluten Free Snack Ideas

Fortunately, there are a number of tasty gluten free snacks you could munch on to suffice your cravings and help give you a bit more energy to complete your day.

Here are 6 healthy snack options aside from apples and carrot sticks that you could indulge on while living with a gluten free diet.

1. Nuts: Rich in protein and fiber, nuts add very little to your weight. There are many types of nuts accessible and their available in a variety of sizes, textures and flavours. I find snacking on nuts while studying or even trying to de-stress yourself from piles of workload a quick and easy snack. Walnuts and almonds are the healthiest and most popular choices. You could also opt for cashews (which are brain boosters) pecans (which lower bad cholesterol), macadamias (which are rich in good cholesterol), and pistachios (which are potent antioxidants.  Nuts are best raw – always (when coated or seasoned you’ll generally find the seasoning is made from wheat or gluten).  Where possible try to activate your nuts as well, keep them in the freezer to lock in the fresheness and grab them as needed. Activating your nuts aids in the digestion process while removing the acidity and coatings from the raw nuts.

2. Yoghurt: Natural yoghurt or greek yoghurt is always a welcome treat and snack. Aside from being one of the most accessible healthy snacks today, it is also one of the most nutritious, packed with magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, vitamin B2 and B12. Plain greek yoghurt is highly recommended for those with gluten sensitivity because they do not contain any artificial sweeteners. To add some flavour, all you’ll have to do is drizzle it with cinnamon, raw organic honey, some homemade granola or some frozen berries.  Be sure to read your labels before purchasing and be sure to take not of the sugar content.  A all natural yoghurt, goats yoghurt or even coconut yoghurt is the best to avoid high sugar levels and any other nasty add ins like preservatives, flavourings etc.

3. Gluten free baked goods: There are plenty of stores, bakery’s and local farmers markets that offer gluten free food options. There’s Deek’s Bakery & Cafe, PM24, Brioche Bakery, Ridgey Didge Pies, Ma Belle and Baker’s Club, right down on Ashmore, Brisbane, Robina and North Lakes. You can have guilt-free bread, cake, muffins and cookies as part of your gluten free diet. But I do encourage you to try the baking yourself, it’s always so much more rewarding. You know what goes in and therefore what is going into your body too.  Follow some of my simple gluten free recipes.

4. Rice crackers: These salty-sweet gluten free snacks are sold nearly everywhere. (i’ve even founds them in Africa). They’re available as either plain or flavoured. Sakata is a pretty popular Japanese import that’s widely distributed in Australia and their entire range is gluten free too. But you also have choices from Dr. Schar, Back to Nature, Crunchmaster, Foods Alive and Australia’s very own Absolutely Gluten Free.  Rice crackers are the best gluten free snack, you can use them to replace bread and have an open sandwich, or they’re even just great with dip.  ESSENTIAL when first giving up the gluten glue!!

5. Vegetable chips: Like the rice crackers, veggie chips are also a healthy snack that is also easily purchased in many groceries and health food stores. Some are made of potatoes and cooked in avocado or olive oil, with rosemary, basil, cracked pepper and parmesan flavourings, while others are created out of corn, yucca, sweet potatoes, rhubarb, beets and lentils.  If you have your own de-hydrate you can even make your own.

6. Chocolate: YES! Bet you didn’t think this would make it to the list right. The good news is that even when living gluten free you too can treat yourself with chocolate and know that it can be great for you too. Just see to it that you stick to dark servings made up of 70% cacao or more. If you’re baking, you have to prioritize this ingredient too.  Raw chocolate is very effective in boosting brain function and immunity. Be careful not to over indulge, treat yourself in moderation.  When purchasing your chocolate if it’s not 100% natural, be sure to check the ingredients list and watch our for emulsifiers and other additives.  Raw Cacao is the best, closely followed by dark chocolate.


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