After a fast paced visit to the farmers markets on Saturday, in and out like lighting to buzz home to prep for the first health talk event of 2017 I got lost in a trail of thoughts (as women can so easily do) and the word gratitude kept resurfacing and ability to have an attitude of gratitude.

As I drove home watching people running, walking and getting ready for a day at the beach I imagined, what if we all came from a place of gratitude?

Gratitude when we get red lights, for rainy days, for negative relationships, for price increases, for injuries… What would our world be like?

(eye roll) I know right, the whole WORLD. A bit far fetched to change the world as it’s completely out of our control so I wont even go there. Rather what can we control? Ourselves.

On a scale of 1-10 where’s your attitude?

Imagine coming from a place of Gratitude during instances like I mentioned above. Being grateful for having your flight delayed, for dropping and smashing your phone, for getting an overdue bill, for gaining weight or loosing fitness…

Ponder on that for a moment, I’m about to ramble.


Many people I come in contact with have big sights set on achieving big goals with their health which I LOVE! These goals require consistency, time and commitment.

Do you have health goals, intentions or visions for yourself?

If you could choose only 1 thing to do embrace and do first, what would it be?
Eat more greens, exercise daily, give up chocolate, drink more water…

These are all things I have no doubt will play a role in assisting you with what you’re working towards achieving but what matters the most in my mind is, your attitude.

Have you ever met someone who’s a picture of beaming health yet is completely unhappy?  I sure haven’t.

You can’t become healthy with an unhappy mindset, it’s almost completely impossible. Happy comes first and healthy follows.


It’s generally the smallest and simplest tips that lead you through the door of change. Try starting with this one; shifting attitude. 

Starting each day with gratitude as your attitude would that improve your happiness or reduce your happiness? Finishing everyday on a gratitude high rather than a big dumping low?

Awesome, let’s embrace an attitude of gratitude together. PLUS it’s Free! Cost’s you nothing financially and you can take it anywhere with you. A blender on the other hand, ouch – heavy and a worthy investment.


Here are some ways I add more attitude to my life day.

6 Tips to Embracing an Attitude of Gratitude

1. Embrace gratitude through your challenges

2. Share gratitude daily with the people you love

3. Start a gratitude journal adding minimum 3 things your grateful for daily

4. Create and use daily mantra’s.

5. Replace complaints with gratitude

6. Practice awareness in the present, letting go of what does not serve you


What will you implement first?

I’d love to hear from you – comment below and if you haven’t already join us in our Free Facebook Group


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