Gluten Free Diet Substitutions

I can’t give up bread!

I couldn’t possible not eat pasta!

Sound familiar?  Well you’re not alone.  These two are among many of the most dreaded ‘I Can’ts’ of giving up gluten.  And, I’ve been through them all myself so I know exactly where you’re coming from.

The biggest miss conception when people first embark on any diet is, ‘Oh my… I’m not going to be able to have this or be able to have that….’

Yes this is true you can’t have that, the same way you have been – the good news though is that there are many great substitutes for you favourite meals. Making them healthier food choices for you and your household. One of the first steps we get any gluten free endevour to complete upfront is a meals list.  Name and list together your top Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and Snacks.

So if this is you – go and write down your list.  Some people write it over a week period, others overnight. Either way be sure to write it down.

With your list in hand now lets look at what part of those meals contain gluten and let’s find easy and quick substitutes.  Eating gluten free is not about giving up your favourite foods.  It’s about adapting your favourite foods to best suit your lifestyle, health and happiness.  All while keeping your plate or bowl lickable right to the end. (yes I made that word up)


These are my Top 7 Quick and Easy to Substitute Gluten Free Diet Guidelines.

1. Flour:  This can sometimes be people’s biggest nightmare.  Great news there are more gluten free flours available than gluten flours so your in a WIN / WIN here.  Corn flour, almond meal, coconut flour, rice flour, pre mixed gluten free flours or even, banana flour are great substitutes.

2. Breading/Crumbing:  If your favourite dish calls for bread crumbs some of my favourite alternatives are… desiccated coconut, ground flaxseed meal and almond meal.

3. Pastry:  There are so many great gluten free alternatives available in our grocery stores today and one of them is pre mixed pastry flours. Myself I choose not to use the pastry however if you’re desperate visiting your gluten free isle in the store I’m sure you will find some great pre mixed alternatives.

4. Pasta: Similar to pastry above there are many gluten free pasta substitutes available today.  Rice pasta, corn pasta, even bean pasta is becoming more common.  All which are great alternatives.  A healthier low carb substitute is carrot or zucchini spaghetti, which you can make yourself with a spaghetti twirler. Both fun and YUM!

5. Oats and Granola:  This is my favourite type of breakfast and one of the easiest to substitute.  Simply remove any gluten ingredients such as oats and mix together: mixed nuts and seeds, rice bran, honey, spices and if you like it toasted roll in coconut oil before roasted in the oven. – SO GOOD! Serve with GF yoghurt or fruit.

6. Bread and Tortillas:  There are many gluten free breads available now however my preferences are lettuce leaves instead of tortillas (or just use corn tortillas), rice paper and corn crisps.  Depending on your diet goals, you may also just simply opt for salad and fresh organic greens and meat.

7. Sauces:  Many Asian or Indian sources are generally gluten free as they simply don’t use much gluten within their countries of origin.  However ALWAYS read the label. If in doubt simply make your however today many stores have gluten free labeled products which is fantastic and makes it super easy too.


So what’s the next step for you?  Are you ready to live Gluten Free or are you ready to start the healing process?

Eating clean, fresh and colourful, while supporting your cells on a cellular level with supplementation is the first step of many to living gluten free.


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