Woody Harrelson is one of the most influential vegans in the world, but he didn’t start out that way. In a recent interview he gave with Ellen Degeneres, he stated that his introduction to the lifestyle came around his twenties when a stranger pointed out that his skin blemishes may have something to do with gluten intolerance.

With nothing to lose, he tried a gluten free diet and instantaneously noticed a significant change in how he looked and felt. Like Woody you may not know it now however you might too be suffering from similar conditions as well. So I’ve put together 7 Signs to look out for that could indicate you have a gluten intolerance. Reference these and figure out if a diet change could be what’s keeping you from feeling the best you ever have.

7 Signs you have a Gluten Intolerance

One of the most common signs of gluten intolerance is stomach pain, which may or may not be accompanied by bloating, frequent gas passage, constipation and/or diarrhea. This should not be mistaken for a lactose intolerance though – these two very different intolerances are triggered by different elements.

One way to differentiate between them is by factoring in the second common sign of gluten sensitivity – chronic fatigue, which is often coupled with joint inflammation and pain after a non gluten free meal. According to expert doctors, these are brought about by a gluten-influenced inflammatory response, which typically wears down the body and forces its defences to attack and fight back against the gluten.

Along with the aforementioned are skin imperfections like acne and pruritus, which may also be indicative of the need for a gluten free diet. Part of it skin reactions to gluten are due to its relation to vitamin A and fatty acid deficiency, which can be traced back to an existing gluten related digestive dysfunction brought about by a gluten intolerance.

Of course, there’s also migraines, which may come about two hours after eating gluten-filled meals. However, you may have to observe accompanying symptoms to rule out any other illness such as diarrhea, skin rashes and a low iron count.

Now, if you’re diagnosed with a possible hormonal imbalance, there is a good chance you may be gluten sensitive too. I strongly recommend you discuss and talk about the possible impact gluten free food’s could have on improving your health with your doctor. Another note about gluten is that it can often stress out the adrenal gland and this typically results in an abnormal sex hormone production, leading to premature menopause or unexplained fertility. –  Yep going gluten free can increase your fertility chances!

Gluten free meals may also mean the difference to a sound emotional state if you are going through depression and anxiety since gluten intolerance has been associated with gluten ataxia, which affects brain function.

One last final note, you may want to watch out for poor recall and body/hand-eye coordination as this to may also be brought on by a gluten intolerance.


7 signs you may have a gluten intollerence:

  1. 1. Stomach pain, bloating, frequent gas passage, constipation and/or diarrhea.
  2. 2. Chronic fatigue
  3. 3. Joint inflammation or joint pain
  4. 4. Skin imperfections like acne, rashes and pruritus
  5. 5. Migraines
  6. 6. Low iron count
  7. 7. Hormonal imbalance
  8. 8. Premature Menopause or unexplained Fertility


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Did you learn something here? Contact me and let me know if you have any questions or comments about possibly having a gluten intollerence.

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