Eat more greens they say. Greens are good for you they said.  Well it’s one thing to know and say that but it’s another to actually do it.  When I first started hearing this I thought how in the world am I going to add more greens to my diet… So I started just adding zucchini to my pasta and today 9 years on my diet is full of greens.

Here are some of my favourite ways to eat more greens!

9 Ways to Eat more Greens


1. Green smoothie

Not rocket science this one unless you’ve been living under a rock.  Make you’re favourite smoothie and add, cucumber, spinach, chard/silver beet, kale, spiralling, avocado, star fruit kiwi fruit…  New to smoothies check out my 11 Making Healthy Smoothie Tips here.


2. Salad

I’ll never forget the day I was like, “we can’t have bread…? What will we eat for lunch?”  Salad is the answer (among many other options but Salad I love). Choose your favourite salad ingredients and add spinach, avocado, zucchini (shredded is amazing), avocado did I say that already?, snow pea’s, cucumber, green capsicum/pepper, parsley, mint…


3. Breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast?  Could you add green?
Eggs with Spinach, tomato with spinach, mushrooms and silver beet. Beans and asparagus, make a breaky salad and top it with egg.


4. Frittata

Great up as many greens as you can for your next frittata batch!  Zucchini, silver beet, string beans, asparagus… and of course super yummy when you’ve topped it with guacamole.


5. Soup: Thick or Runny

Autumn is here and it’s my favourite time of year to get my soup mixes going. Thick soup or stew I love, silver beet, spinach, peas, zucchini, leek, fennel, parsley, rocket. Tunny soup try fennel, leek, silver beet with lots of garlic, ginger and spice.


6. Zuccihini noodles

I may be a bit obsessed but they are just delicious.  Zuccihini noodles have to be one of the easiest swaps, quicker than cooking paster, slightly crunchy, great texture and you’ve just added more green.  Top with the pesto I’ve mentioned below and you’re onto a winner.


7. Pesto

Home made pesto’s are amazing and you can get super creative with you herbs and what leafy greens you use.  Try rocket, radish leaves, beetroot leaves, spinach and of course silver beet / chard.


8. Use Leaves over Bread

This could be silver beet/chard levels, cabbage leaves, lettuce leaves.  Any type of leave that could be used instead of bread for sandwiches or burgers, leaves instead of taco shells, even leaves instead of crackers.


9. Fruit Salad

Grapes, honey drew, kiwi fruit, star fruit, pear, apple with fresh mint leaves.


Whoops, how could forget about snacks….
Green capsicum sticks, celery sticks, cucumber, fruit, cold fritatta’s, roasted asparagus, green dips aka hello guacamole!


What’s your favourite of getting in your greens?


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