Wellsome what is it, and where did it come from?

Welcome to Wellsome!

Wellsome was inspired and created – to inspire everyone to live a wholesome life thriving in wellness.
– Now doesn’t that sound great!

Welcome to my Gluten Free Hub – Wellsome. Here I share my knowledge and help educate about living Gluten Free and my passion for health and wellness, through beautiful healthy recipes and mindful articles. I want to help you live the healthiest life possible! Why? – I know it’s possible, I passionately believe that food matters and ‘health is wealth’.

Wellsome is all about opening up and sharing my knowledge of living Gluten Free, experience and advice to help you! Gain back control of your plate.why? – because I know you can DO it!

We all deserve to Eat well, Live well, and Love well. I am here to support YOU by nourishing your mind, body and soul! – as well as your belly.  Life is Colourful – and we all deserve to live it and love it! I do and I’m here to help you do the same.

Wellsome by Jema Lee, Health Advocate and Wellness Coach

About me and my wellsome journey!

My journey is a bit of a recipe in itself!  My life has been filled with such a variety of experiences that they all seem to have led me to this very place – WELLSOME.  So try to stay with me while I give you the short run down… here it goes:

I grew up in a family of 6 with two members diagnosed with ceoliac’s disease – I’ve therefore become a Gluten Free expert from literally years of practice! I’ve always been heavily involved with sports since a young age, so I love to lead an active lifestyle.  With the countless years of 4.30am training starts, weekend competitions and hours at the gym under my belt I have continually been learning and growing my personal knowledge of health, fitness and nutrition.  I believe you can never know too much as there is always so much that can be learnt.

My passion for nutrition on the other hand began when I quit my Swimwear Designing Job of 4 years and started contract designing for a Natural Nutrition company called Megaburn.  Megaburn produces completely Raw and Live Food products for themselves as well as contract manufacturing for other companies.  Working in conjunction with Megaburn introduced me to a whole new level of nutrition, ingredients and opened me up to this wonderful world of nutrition.   Before I knew it, I knew a lot of random nutritional information, so much so that people started asking me for nutritional advice.  I loved helping them and became very passionate about seeing them achieve their goals.

And then my journey kind of, well Exploded!  …. After spending the last 8 weeks of 2012 backpacking through South East Asia I came home a slightly different person emotionally, spiritually and physically.  I cut back on most, nearly all my training and dove head first into Yoga – I’m now a full fledge yogi!  My personal diet has naturally evolved and I’ve finally found a balance that works for me and allows me to shine from the inside out.   My journey to this current point wasn’t easy though by any means but it has taught me to love myself.  It opened my mind, my heart and it’s desire to create a world filled of wellness.

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One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is to not just talk about it like your ‘Gonna’ do it, you’ve actually got to DO it!  So wherever you are right now STOP,  I want to help you.

Yes YOU! – be a DO’er, not a Gonna! And help you give up the Gluten Glue.  I know you too can feel amazing. Join me as I ‘Aspire to Inspire’ you to live a gluten free wholesome life filled with happiness, love and laughter!

I am a fully certified Nutrition and Wellness coach. I’ve studied practical wellness lifestyle coaching methods and I’ve been extensively trained in many different dietary theories and I’m a living Gluten Free Diet Expert, educator and advocate.  I will connect your mind, body and spirit together to help you create your personalized path to living a life you’ve always dreamt of!

Let’s DO this and Give up the Gluten Glue!


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Wellsome by Jema Lee

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