Ayurveda and Yogic Approach to the Menstrual Cycle with Honey Bachan : Episode 109

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Fancy knowing how to apply Ayurvedic ancestral wellness principles to your menstrual cycle? Well, this is the episode for you.

Since discovering and beginning my Ayruvedic journey back in 2012 I’ve been beyond fascinated at the way in which Ayruveda approaches health, including the menstrual cycle. From food practices, herbs, cyclical eating, contraception and more.

In this episode of the Well Woman Podcast I’m joined by Honey Buchan a Yogic practitioner and Ayurvedic goddess to explore everything you wish you knew about your cycle from an Ayurvedic perspective.


Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 4 – Inner Winter]

Honey’s svadharma is to educate women to connect more deeply to their Selves and through that connection to facilitate healing our connection to our Earth and our treatment of nature. She works with women to promote Dharma + radiance drawing on tools from ancient India.

She has been a Yoga practitioner for more than two thirds of her life and through this has developed the awareness to dive deeper into the ancient wisdom her practice dwells within.

Her work intends to build awakens and facilitate the most full blossoming and Divine embodiment in her students. Guiding women to be more embodied, radiant and fully alive.

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In this episode we chat about:

    • How is yoga and Ayurveda connected?
    • What is a yogic lifestyle?
    • How to start a yogic lifestyle
    • Ayurveda Dosha
    • Devotional food practices
    • Un-identify with your dosha’s
    • How we are all dosha’s
    • Ayurveda’s approach to contraception
    • Traditional sexual practices according to Ayurveda
    • 3 things to connect with your Cycle Yogic Lifestyle

Connect with our Guest:

Learn more about Honey and all things Ayurveda, yogi living and feminine embodiment by following her online here;

Instagram: @seed_of_self
Website: www.seedofself.com
Facebook Group: Seed Of Self


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Until next time beautiful!
Get connected, listen to your body and remember; body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

Jema Lee Menstrual Cycle Coach & Educator

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