When it comes to hormones and balanced hormones – what do you think about?

Skin health
Mood swings
Weight gain

Hormones are something that are so important to our bodies however many of us women don’t know enough about them to know when their in balance or out of balance.  The amount of women I’ve met and worked with whom just think of hormones as the reason why they have skin blemishes or mood swings astounds me. Particularly because when our hormones are out of balance our life can be out of balance.

Our hormonal balance is vital to a healthy, vibrant and balanced body, however they can be disrupted in many ways.

Hormones are more than just hormones, they’re also glands which all together make up our endocrine system (the reproductive system) in our body.


Hormones are…

Hormones are chemical messages produced in endocrine glands

These hormones tell specific organs and parts of the body what to do

Before I share how I balanced my hormones let’s learn what throws them out of balance:


4 Biggest Contributors to Hormonal Imbalances

1. Stress – We be now all know the effects that stress can have on the body, not to mention our hormones.  Learning how to communicate safety when feeling stressed or anxious is such an easy thing to do, not to mention it’s free and weight’s nothing.

2. Toxins and chemicals – Foods, skin care, cleaning products, sanitary items, water, drinks today commonly contain unnatural substances that can be toxic on the body.  Think of just skin care for a moment – toothpaste, face wash, moisturiser, toner, make up, sunscreen, hair spray, body lotion, lip balm… Just these item’s alone on your skin when not chemical or paragon free can lead to your body being stressed.

3. Deficiency’s – Our hormones just like our muscles, skin, eyes (aka our entire body) requires nutrients however when we are not absorbing the correct nutrients in the correct quantities we can become deficient.

4. Imbalanced lifestyle – No movement or exercise, drinking alcohol, eating refined sugars and processed foods regularly can all contribute to hormone imbalances.


Ekkkk it’s alot to think about right!

Take a moment and think of your day so far, would you give yourself a high five for reducing this hormonal imbalances or a bummmboon?

Don’t fret it’s possible to rebalance your hormones if you know how and implement small things everyday.  Myself after being on the Contraceptive Pill for 12 years straight my body was quiet shocked when I came off it, it didn’t even know how to menstruate on it’s own.  Safe to say there was a lot of imbalances there which lead down the PCOS path. (Story for another time)

You’re here to learn how to rebalance so let’s get to that:


How I Balanced my Hormones (naturally)

Note:  The following actions and things I implemented I did not introduce all at once, rather they were adopted over a 6 month period and with 9 months in total I started to see more regular menstrual cycles and balanced hormones (via blood test results).

1. Food

Whilst I was already eating quiet clean I new there was some additional things I could change with my foods, here’s what I did:
– ate as close to nature as possible reducing all package food and going completely preservative and additive free.
– choose organic where possible (especially for the ‘dirty’ foods)
– STOP DIETING, I ate when I needed to and felt too but did so with a mindful approach to not bingeing out.

2. Sleep

When we don’t sleep our body freak’s out, main reason – we heal when we sleep.  No sleep – no healing time.

I made a conscious effort to get minimum 7 hours of sleep. I’m human sometimes this didn’t happen every night however 95% of the time it did.  Embrace a healthy sleeping pattern and watch so many things shift in your health.

3. Stress

They’re ain’t no escaping this one. STRESS, even just the word feels stressful.  Knowing we can’t escape it, like someone cutting us off in traffic for example, when we know what we can do to manage it we can make some great shifts.

B R E A T H E, the greatest gift I learnt for stress management was breathing long deep breathes.  This quietens the body and communicates safety to it.  Just try running up a hill while you breathe long deep breaths it’s impossible, so when we breathe long deep breaths our body know’s it’s safe.

4. Supplements

Food is so important and vital when it comes to using nutritional products.  You can’t just use a product and expect it to ‘do the job’, it’s the support of nutritional products (supplements) when taken with nourishing food that they really work to their best.  As my food was already very well balanced and clean when I introduced a supplement regime that’s when I saw the biggest difference.  May not work for everyone however for me and the women I’ve worked with it has. Remembering that the product quality and brand you use has a large impact on the results.  Here’s the base of what I used:

– Multivitamin
– Mercury Free Fish Oil
– Probiotic
– Palmetto
– Vitamin C  (made from a range of ascorbic’s)
– Liver Support
(always choose Pharmaceutically Graded products)

5. Gut Health

Gut health is essential for many aspects of our wellbeing and knowing that our gut communicates with our liver which has the responsibility of clearing out toxins which communicates with our glands is a great example of our connected all our body organs and systems our. Having a balanced gut with healthy bacteria largely supports the health of our hormones, hormone production and their overall balance.  Myself I use a probiotic supplement daily (non-negotiable), removed all bad bacteria triggers from my food and added more pre and pro biotic foods and ferments to my daily food.

6. Water

Our water, particularly tap water is just filled with chemicals and toxins many of which we can not taste or see.  Choose clean and pure, preferably distilled or reverse osmosis where possible.  Shifting my water source was a HUGE game changer for me.

7. Skin Care

You read above… what we put on our skin is absorbed within minutes.  Our skin eats what you put on it so choose to go chemical, paraben and clean when and where possible, or minimise what you use.  For example I no longer paint my nails, own anything for my hair except shampoo, where little make up.


Action time…

What’s the one thing you can implement from the above?
Know it’s not about doing it all and then stopping cause it’s too much, it’s about implementing one or two things first and add additional to the picture.

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