Jema’s Blender Kitchen Essential

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Jema’s #1 Blender Kitchen Essential

5 years age I can’t even imagine how I lived without my kitchen essential – a blender.  The #1 thing I can barely live without today. Oh, how times have change.

As we expand our knowledge on health and further delve into our health journey’s it’s inevitable that things will change. I mean come on I haven’t always shopped at the farmers markets. 10 years ago I didn’t even know what they were as I’d never been. Just like when it came to cooking well I could cook, but then there’s when you can really cook.

OmniBlend                       Omni Blender Kitchen Essential

To cook well, or even create there are essentials any home chef needs. (there’s a chef in us all) Just like Master Chef’s have their favourite knives – I have my favourite and essential kitchen tools.

The no# thing that I can not live without in my kitchen (even so much when I travel it’s almost the number one thing I miss… of course after family and friends) – is my blender!

Since adding a blender to my kitchen it has totally streamlined:

goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  how I make dips, ice-cream, flour, nut butters, Indian and soups…
goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  how I eat breakfast (almost ALWAYS blended!)
goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  the amount of time I spend cleaning
goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  how well I can pre-prepare my meals in advanced and STICK to a weekly meal plan.
goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  cut back on food wastage
… the list could go on.


Wait hold on! – did you say Ice-Cream?  Yep! – Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free
…3 ingredient ice-cream – made all in one machine!


Yet when it comes to a blender it’s like choosing runners. There are so many out there and it’s soooo easy to get overwhelmed, confused and stuck looking at the price thinking. I can’t afford that.  (ha – well that was my thought process)

However my mind was completely surprised when 5 years ago I came across OmniBlend blender. It felt like I was buying my first car when I invested in my first essential blender yet I was so excited for multiple reasons.

goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  I was supporting an Australian company YAY!

goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  It was under $400, with a 7 year warranty
(sidebar – this was 5 years ago. I use my blender twice most days and at least once. For 5 years that’s more than 10,000 times and I’ve never had a problem with it. That’s a WIN. Less than 4 cents per use)

goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  Came with 3 blender recipe books and the all important nut bag!

goodbye-gluten-productpic-arrow  Jug is 100% BPA free (I’m a natzi with this stuff)


This month when I launched the idea of starting my own cooking classes and other events I need another blender, after my past experience of course I chose OmniBlend.

OmniBlend                    Omni Blender Kitchen Essential

– there are a lot of imitation blenders and I’ve tried them all. Hands down Omni make the most genuine, authentic and long life blenders I’ve ever used. Hence why of course I’d recommend them.

My favourite of the two blenders they offer is the; OmniBlend I (2 liter jug)


Learn more about the blenders here.
Ready to change how you’re kitchen runs?


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ps. check out more of my story here

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