It’s official, winter is here and that means cooler nights, hitting the snooze button continuously, dryer skin and the dreaded cough, cold, flu and runny noses (most people get).

I say most people as getting caught down with a cold or flu largely depends on how you nourish and support your immune system throughout the year leading into winter – not just in during winter.

Myself I use to be hit by the dreaded cold and cough every 3-4 months. EVERY 3-4 months – it was like clockwork almost. I’d just had fully recovered from my previous bout of bronchitis and then BANG I’d be hit again but with tonsillitis. This went on for years and it wasn’t until I started using supporting nutritional products, focused on gut health and learnt how to rest that I finally didn’t get the surprise BANG anyone.

The shift didn’t happen overnight but it did happen.

But when you do get a BANG (aka cold, flu, blocked nose, run down) what can you do?

Unfortunately once you’re infected, you’re infected it’s a bit late to stop that however there are certainly things that you can do to speed up the healing process and get you bouncing back to feeling your fab self.


Here are my top;

Natural Cough, Cold, Flu and Runny Nose Home-Remedies 


Most of us don’t drink enough water let alone clean and chemical free water.  When we’re run down particularly it’s important to support the body in flushing itself out by drinking water.  So simply add more water!  


This should be enough said as it is, just drink more lemon!  Lemon is amazing and when you’re run down it’s a fantastic support for sore throats, infections and boosting your overall wellbeing.  I love to drink it straight but if it’s a bit strong you can have it in root tea (ginger/turmeric), hot water, add to broths, smoothies and your water bottle throughout the day.  

Raw Sweat Potato + Salt 

Doesn’t sound so delicious but try it.  Cut into thin slices 3-4 pieces of raw sweat potato (preferably organic) and cover with pink Himalayan salt (also organic where possible), or use Celtic Sea Salt if you don’t like pink salt – and eat.  Do these twice per day.  Anciently Sweat Potato is known for hits connecting with respiration and the lungs.  This can help move ‘gunk’ from your lungs out into your lymphatic system and work with your body to eliminate it out.  

Sleep ’n’ Rest

When we are run down, tired or even fatigued the one thing the body needs the most of is rest and sleep.  Sleep is when our body has time to let go of all of the ‘doings’ of the day and just simply rest to renew.  Aim to achieve minimum 8 hours during these times and if you need to nap do so, you’re body is trying to tell you it needs rest so listen to it.  

Colloidal Silver

When coughing gets to a point where it’s just not going away most people would run for the cough syrup.  Before you do so next time try Colloidal Silver.  You can pick it up from most pharmacy’s (not over the counter) and use similar to how you would a cough medicine.  Colloidal Silver kills dangerous bacteria in the body and is a wonderful natural alternative to medicine.  

Ginger/Garlic Paste

I love adding this to everything but fruit and salad pritt much, aka everything that gets cooked and warmed gets this paste added to it.  It’s particularly good with Bone Broth FYI!  Plus it’s soon easy to make!  


Without doubt probiotics are a must for me.  They support my immune system but also work to regulate and maintain a healthy gut, something that can become largely compromised during phases of getting sick – especially if you’ve used antibiotics.  Take these daily and ALWAYS choose pharmaceutical grade.  I use a US health sciences brand.  If you wish to find out more on what brand I use or where to get it click here.  

Vitamin C  

Vitamin C – the wonder vitamin.  Don’t quote me on that, that’s just my belief.  Vitamin C is very versatile and one of the best vitamins to have on hand at all times, particularly when people around you are getting sick and you don’t want to.  Vitamin C in curtain doses can boost the body, reduce inflammation, protect the immune system and help the body fight back from nasty bugs.  Be aware that not all vitamin C products are the same and the quality you get largely matters. ALWAYS choose a pharmaceutically graded product, as for any nutritional or vitamin product you purchase. If you wish to find out more on what brand I use or where to get it click here.    


Natures natural germ killer.  Honey is a must have in the pantry at all times.  Be sure to buy local and ensure it’s 100% natural.  For sore throats and coughs have a teaspoon covered in honey to sooth the throat (not heaped), add it to tea or boiling water and use in cooking.  Honey is so versatile I actually take it travelling with me everywhere! (check out my other travel essentials here).  

Eucalyptus Oil

This oil is amazing and reminds me of when I was a kid.  Today I place some of this on a cotton ball and dab it on my chest, neck and even the edges of my nose before bed to help me sleep well all night long.  Also great to dab some on the shift you were to bed.  

Peppermint Oil

Also great dabbed on neck/chest but I love this one more so for clearing the nose passage! Like a breathe of fresh air, you can breathe it straight from the bottle or but it in a diffuser.  I’m no oil expert but I do love peppermint oil! This list could just go on and on, however these are my favourite tips and go-to’s when the colds/flus are going around.  


Got a question for your own health or want to find out what nutritional products I use?  Set up a Free 20min Health Discovery Call with myself and get started on the next steps for your journey to health – click here.  

What are you’re favourite home-remedies?  

Comment below, I’d love to hear your ideas.


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