Emotional eating isn’t all bad. Perhaps we’re looking at it all wrong.  This is a topic that a lot of women ask me about during events and coaching sessions and I haven’t publicly shared my views on it until today.  Why?  Well I’m just so over the one sided approach of it and I’m going to tell you why.  Plus I’ll give you my first 3 (easy) ways we can start working on emotional eating today!  

Let’s jump into it,

Emotional eating, is it too one sided?


How do you eat?

Do you sit and scoff it all down?

Do you pray, give thanks and gratitude sharing with the people around you?

Are you sad, lonely and eat for comfort??

Do you eat as you celebrate?


One thing that has been TOTALLY blown out of proportion (in my mind at least) is the paradigm of ‘emotional eating’. Think about it – emotion. It can be high, low, sideways and upside down.


Now let’s think about eating and food…
What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Don’t judge yourself because of it. Honour the thought, what it is and let’s see if we can learn from it.

Now take that first food item that came to your mind and now ask yourself is this a food that makes me feel good/high, or a food that makes me feel bad/low?

When we feel ‘down’ we quiet often think of foods that could make us more down. Probably not while we’re eating them/it of course but after. Like a block of chocolate for example, it can feel good while you’re digging into it but then afterwards you’re like ‘oh my gosh was that the whole block?’ and a shocked expression comes across your face. Does this make your body feel a high emotion or a low emotion?

Next; what about when we’re up? When we’re feeling excited, happy, laughing and giggling. What foods are you drawn too?

There’s no judgement – never is.
But what there is here, is a lesson. We can learn from the foods we crave and how we eat them.


Warning: mini RANT coming…
What really winds me up about “emotional eating” and how it’s currently portrayed in the world is that it’s just all bad. In essence though it’s also potentially fantastic. How frick’n amazing is eating a feast with friends as you laugh about old stories and create new ones?

It’s fantastic!  Don’t you agree?
How good do these moments make you feel!?
This kind of emotional eating makes my cheeks hurt, that’s how it makes me feel. Oh and my heart explode full of joy and love.

Truth to emotional eating is that this too is also emotional eating. You’re eating with emotion! Be it either high or low, can you see the difference?


How did you eat your dinner last night?

Make a mental note or write it down; what emotion first comes up for you when you think of what you ate last night?

How we approach the way we eat can mean so much more than what we just see as frosted icing on top of the emotional eating challenge. The way we approach our food emotionally either high or low, can also have massive effects on our overall mental and physical well being.


3 Ways we can start working on our emotions around eating, today

  1. 1. Get support and guidance. It’s not shameful to feel emotions and then share them. It’s actually super clarifying, vulnerable and one of the best things you can do for yourself in shifting emotions. If this is you and you’re ready to get vulnerable, learn how I support and guide people through emotional eating one on one here.
  1. 2. Acknowledge. Acknowledgement how you feel. When we try not to feel it and it’s actually already there all we do is supress and ‘pretend’ it’s not there. Seeing it and acknowledging is one hard step but it’s also the one in the right direction. Plus you’re thousand times more likely to move on from that emotion once you’ve seen it and then can move towards letting it go.
  1. 3. Check in with yourself. Am I really hungry? Do I really want this entire bag of chips? How do I feel right now? Touch base with yourself and check int, how you’re doing. It’s ok to feel down, heck everyone does from time to time and when you do laugh cause you’re human! When you do feel down don’t ride that journey for too long as the further down you go the deeper it gets. Let go by doing anything physical to change your emotional direction, dance, exercise, stretch, go for a walk.  Your mind and your body will love you for this one!


I’d love to hear from you.  Are you a low or a high emotional eater?
Share with me below.


Exciting news, listen up!

This topic we’ll be covering in depth at our next event.  Rise Sista Treat Day on Sunday 16th July on the Gold Coast.  Click here to join us and experience live emotional eating break throughs, while we eat lunch together. It’s going to be am-aaaaa-z-ing!


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