Unless you’ve been living under a very heavy rock the last decade you’d be familiar with iridology, the reading of the iris of your eye. Did you know however there’s another ancient health modality that reads your eyes too, Sclerology…  A question I found myself asking when I began learning about the messages of the body and ancient ways of healing was, what is Sclerology?  It sounded foreign and something clicked in me even though I didn’t know what it really was yet.


What the Heck is sclerology?

Introducing Sclerology; the readings of the sclera – in english terms, the white of your eye.

Reading and understanding the lines in your eyes is like a road map that leads you to your destination.

Looking to improve your health, energy, sleep, weight, fatigue or skin.  Your starting point is discovering the destination through reading your sclera (incase you haven’t got that part down yet, don’t stress took me a while – the white of your eye)

Through reading the markings on your eyes and analysing them we can discover your overall well being and/or indicate any health imbalances or illnesses.  These are your destinations.  Pin pointing out the cause and working with it rather than just treating a symptom.

Our ancestors did this for centuries without hick up and guess what, so can we!


What can be read in the sclera:

– particular organs which may be imbalanced

– injury and physical trauma

– infections such as parasites

– disorders in the cardiovascular system, liver and other organ

– pin point where disease may have spread through different organs

– emotional sensitivity

– lymphatic system and immune system response

– if any of our body systems are being compromised

– congestion and stress in the body

– metabolic disease


What can not be read in the sclera:

– your gender

– pregnancy

– personality traits or characteristics

– named (labelled) diseases


What happens in a Sclerogoy reading?

Sclerology readings and examinations are far from intrusive, in face we don’t even touch your eye.  I’ve always had a funny feeling about eyes – can’t even watch people put in contact lenses. However Sclerology, you’ve got me hooked.

During your sclerology session we take images aka photos of your eye while you look in different directions so we can capture the different angles. You’ll notice when you check out the whites of your eyes in the mirror you’ll have to do the same thing. If you’re lucky, you may even get your images given to you or sent to you via email for fridge mounting of course.

Along with having your sclera read you’ll generally receive guidance on ways you can work to reduce, remove and renew your health as pin pointed through your sclera analysis.

Sounds great right! That’s, cause it is.

I like to think of the eye as the starting point to learning about what’s going on in terms of your health on the inside while a complete analysis reading gives you a detailed overview of what your eye reads it’s the guidance on what to do next that is the most important so you leave your session knowing what to do and how to do it whether you’re starting your health journey or already on the path.

Want a Sclerology reading?
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