Ever felt like there was an alien inside your body that had just completely taken over and made you eat the entire bag of chips or a whole block of chocolate? Can you relate? (me too!) That’s the vicious binge eating cycle, brace yourself darling as we’re about to break through it with 9 simple tips.

Tell you what I’ve been here with chips, cake, chocolate, even roast veggies in the past and you as so not alone beautiful. The journey to break through vicious binge eating is one that Many women are challenged with and in my opinion this largely comes from our behaviour and approach to food in the first place.

The cycle looks a little something like this…

Restriction–Binge Eating–Guilt–Restriction–Binge Eating–Guilt

Sound familiar?

The packet of chip opens, we start with one or two gracefully enjoying the chips and before we know it we look down as our hand searches for another chip but they’re all gone! Shock look comes across your face as your hand rumbles to confirm, there’s got to be more but there isn’t.  I’ve been here too. However what happens from the time we open the packet (or what ever it is) until the time it ends?  Why can’t we stop?

There’s two answers to this, you’re either holding guilt or you’ve been restricting.

STOP, think and be right now. Now begin to ask yourself these two questions without judgement or perfectionism…

1. Have I been restricting myself from anything?
2. Am I holding Guilt?


The answer to your vicious binge eating cycle is right in these two questions the challenge is stepping out of your mind and answering to yourself in pure honesty.  This is an element that through coaching I work through with women one on one on a regular basis.  The light that’s created when we break through this together is just magical and the love and joy from food becomes pure bliss.

Are you ready to break the cycle?

Here are my,


9 Tips to Break your Vicious Binge Eating Cycle

1. Stop Dieting! Another diet is not the answer, ever!

2. Stop Restricting.  Work on adding to your diet rather than restrict – health swaps.

3. Nothing is perfect.  There is not a perfect way to eat, no perfect rules no perfect body – let go of perfectionism.

4. Ditch Cheat Daysfor good.  This is big cause of binging and cheating yourself. STOP the cheat days.

5. Enjoy food – regardless of what you’re eating enjoy it.  If it’s cake on a birthday remove the guilt and enjoy!

6. Focus on what your body is doing and what it can do, rather than what it isn’t or hasn’t yet achieved. You must give yourself time, see #8.

7. Focus on the action taking over the results – see #8.

8. Be patience. Health is not an overnight journey. It’s one that can set you up for life so be patient.

9. Be Kind to Yourself!


What tips will you implement today?

Ready to take the next step and ignite your love for food and eating but feel there’s some obstacles that could hold you back?  Learn here how working one on one with me can bust through these old habits quicker than you can say christmas.