If you’re new to personal development, coaching or rethinking your thinking mantra’s or affirmations are a far out concept.  Well they were for me anyway and it’s why I created an easy 3 step process to creating mantra’s that kick ass.

Today I …. choose happiness, feel balanced, am energetic, forgive myself, let go of fear…

When I first heard about affirmations I was rather unconfident about saying something I was working towards, wanted or needed out loud or even putting pen to paper about it.  Plus I was confused at what a mantra vs. affirmation actually was. I had no idea what the difference was between the two, to me they sounded like the same thing so let me help clear it up for you.

Mantra vs. Affirmation

Mantra: a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism)

Affirmation: the action or process of affirming something.


In synopsis (hehe felt technical to say that lol)… an affirmation can be mantra’d.  Yep I totally just made that word up, mantra’d.

You can take an affirmation and repeat it to yourself daily once, twice, maybe twenty. Turning your affirmation into a mantra.

Like the sound of that?

Which leads us to how can we create an affirmation we can mantra that is personalised, specific to our goals and resonates with us? Creating mantra’s yourself is a thousand times better when you’re repeating your own mantra rather than someone else’s. 


3 Steps to Creating Mantra’s that Kick Ass

1. Set your goal or intention

What is your goal or intention?  It doesn’t matter if it’s a financial goal, health related or relationship focused etc. what really matters is that you’re goal/intention is clear as a clear night sky.  You know what it is and you have a burning desire to achieve it.  Here’s a couple of examples:

GOAL:  I want to love my body

INTENTION:  To appreciate the small things in life and not get so caught up

GOAL:  I want to be happy when I’m at work

INTENTION:  To eat healthy and exercise regularly

Get the gist? Perfect!


2. Make your Mantra

This part is super simple as I’ve already done the work and thinking for you. Take your goal/intention and tack it onto the end or middle of the following affirmation starters to get you going:

I …

I am …

I let …

Today I …

My …  is consistently increasing

I feel …

I deserve …

I create …

My Body is …

I release …

I forgive …


Here’s some examples below of the goal “I want to love my body” tacked on to the above affirmation starters:

I love my body

I am in love with my body

Today I love my body

I feel in love with my body

I create my own body love

My body is loved

I release hate for my body

I forgive myself for not loving my body

How easy is that?

Note: not every goal will fit every affirmation starter and that’s ok. You really only need one minimum and your good to go to step 3.


3. Share it, say it, live it

Now that you’ve got your mantra / affirmation make it part of your daily regime some how.  It could be stuck on your bathroom mirror, your bedside table or your car steering wheel (yep I’ve done that one before).  You might save it as your phone screen saver, or share it verbally with your bestie, partner or family.

An affirmation is only good if you use it.  Like that old saying; if you don’t use it, you loose it.

So get out there and share your mantra made affirmation.


Now What?

Rinse and repeat. If you’re new to this you may just make one and stick with it, saying and sharing just this one affirmation.  Creating manta’s are fun!! Once you’re in the swing of it or if you are already and you’re looking for daily or weekly mantra’s to practice then make a new affirmation each day or weekly.

I’d love to hear your mantra’s.  Comment below or tag me on Instagram or Facebook with your latest mantra.


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