You may or may not have realised but I LOVE THE LIVER
Oh and my (aka our) LIVER LOVES US.  Well it wants to anyway and that’s why I am addicted to teaching and sharing on how to love your liver, liver cleansing and easy daily liver detox tips.

Does your liver need some love?

A couple of months ago I spoke with my beautiful friends Emma and Carla, The MerryMakers aka the Merries on their #GetMerry Podcast all about Liver Cleansing.  One of my favourite topics, not to mention my favourite organ.

Seeming it’s spring and the organ of spring is… drumroll… the Liver. I wanted to share it with you incase you missed it cause you’ll wish you didn’t.


That’s what she said… Seriously yay for liver detoxing!

The liver is a super interesting topic but when it comes to cleansing it… that’s a topic that can freak alot of people out.  Don’t stress you don’t need to give up coffee just yet.

In this interview I give some super easy and completely do-able steps to caring and loving your liver.  And what better time to start doing just that than in Spring.

YAY – spring cleaning!

This is the stuff we talked about:

– How the liver works.
– Why we need to cleanse the liver.
– The symptoms of an unhealthy liver.
– How to cleanse your liver (super dooper easy steps).


Sounds nice… mmmmm, do these liver detoxing and cleansing steps daily and you’ll feel like new!


Links to Listen… it’s highly recommended!

Podcast link:  Episode #92: Liver detoxing or listen to it on iTunes, just search Episode #92.

MerryMakers website
MerryMakers Instagram

Take a listen to the episode and share with anyone you know who needs to hear more on this topic. You probably know someone who needs a good liver detoxing (hehe).

I LOVED this interview, just like I love the Merries,
Hope you do too!


Want to learn more about liver cleansing… check out what you’re liver loves here.

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