Is it time for a Spring Clean?

For sure you would of heard someone (probably your grandmother) say ‘it’s time for a spring clean’ but have you ever thought what this actually means?

When it comes to the seasons when you start to learn how connected we all are to each individual season and how each season also connects with a different element of our health, and then how each season connects with each other like the beautiful flow between the sun and moon you’re tyres will spin!

The Seasons make my tyres spin!!

Ancestrally, emotionally, traditionally there are so many ways to understand each season – it’s not just a change in weather.

What’s the connecting with Spring?

Spring is a time for spring cleaning – dur. We’ve all heard that before but let’s explore where this actually comes from?  (more on that in a minute)

In spring we dust off the layers, open the doors and allow the dormant energy from winter to freshen up and brighten up.  We start to put away the winter jackets, boots and warmer clothes storing them away until next year. This often leads to starting with one small part of your cupboard and then before you know it the whole cupboard is done, you’ve stared on the draws and your changing the bed spreads.  Not to mention 3, 4 or possibly 5 hours has passed.

Where did the time go?

You beautiful got lost lost in a transitional spring cleaning, this habit of spring has been around for centuries and it’s also a connected part of who we are.

How you say?


Spring is the start of the season cycle, the beginning of a new year a fresh start and a complete rebirth.  It’s why your mother always started something new in Spring, the house went through a complete tear about and put back together and most likely a project she spoke about for ages finally got started.

Spring is the re-birthing, re-setting and re-newal of life.


3 fun facts about spring…

The element of Spring is Wood,
The colour of Spring is Green,
The organ of Spring is the Liver,
…and the liver has the responsibility of: spring cleaning

A spring clean on the inside that is. It’s quiet coincidental that the Liver is the cleaning machine of the body and it also is the organ of spring, don’t you think? Cleaning out dormant and unwanted toxins, resetting energy, improving elimination, and beginning renewal and rebirthing of the body. So that spring cleaning urgency that comes over you at the oddest of times at the beginning of spring is the real deal. The question I have for you is – do you spring clean where it’s most important?  aka on the inside.

With the Liver being the connect organ for Spring (in traditional Chinese Medicine this is the Liver Meridian) the liver craves attention and to be nourished.

One of the most important aspects of Spring I believe is establishing optimal health habits. Why?  Well with the silly season FAST approaching for many of us spring is the time of year where our greatest health can be created and established.

Those christmas parties, longs lunches, new years gatherings and never ending family get togethers will be here in no time however with kick ass daily healthy habits in place that you started back in spring, means that summer health will be on your side.

What we start and stick to in spring will carry our health through another full seasonal cycle.
Now’s your chance people!  (not 1st January)

And of course the best place to start is with your liver.


Here’s the 5 things I do every day for liver health that can transform your health if you do them too.

7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Body Daily:

(all of which I do every day)

1. Eat Seasonally – Dig into leafy greens, sprouts, young beetroots and carrots.  Avoid packaged food, especially those with ingredients you can’t read and that have numbers.

2. Drink plenty of fresh and clean water.

3. Add lemon to your drinking water to help detoxify the liver.  Your liver LOVES lemons! 

4. Take a daily Liver Support nutritional product.  This works in conjunction with real food and can assist in providing the essential micronutrients the liver thrives on. 

5. Eliminate alcohol, coffee and remind sugar for at least 2 weeks. These are all liver loaders and will create time for your liver to rejuvenate with them being removed.

6. Reduce meat intake by half in favour of #1 vegetables, leafy greens and legumes.  This can also aid introducing the workload on the liver.  A great thing to do for a few weeks like #5.

7. Develop a way of moving your body loves that can further detoxify the liver.  Twists are the best, think massaging internal organise and moving toxins, nasty substances and food through your body just like wringing out a went cloth.


Ready to get Series about a Spring Clean?

How about a spring re-birth for your health?
Now that sounds good!

Join us for a Spring Refresher with our 28 Day Be Healthy Challenge starting 16th September.

This community based challenge is a a healthy and vibrant kickstart to Spring. It’s about eating good food, introducing new healthy daily habits that kick unhealthy goodbye, boosting your energy, adding good vibes and a positive mindset. 

Read more here:  Be Healthy Challenge 



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