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Why Ayurveda is your Missing Health Element

Why Ayurveda is your Missing Health Element

Ahhhhhhh Ayyyyuuurrrr veda. Sounds kind of like a big sigh, “ahhhh” with a dash of darkveda. But infect this beautiful word unlocks many connections to self and what could just be a missing piece in our modern western health world. I was first exposed to Ayurveda back...

How to Come Off Contraception Safely

How to Come Off Contraception Safely

Alright ladies, there’s going to be two groups of you reading this blog post. There are the ladies that are wanting to come off contraception because they want to make healthier choices and take a holistic approach to their body and cycle. And then there are those of...

Australian Menstrual Cycle Coach Jema Lee

I’m Jema Lee

A day time mermaid, full time human who lives in yoga tights who spends my days hanging out inside the Well Woman Academy. My mission? To guide women to discover their cycles, love their bodies and end patriarchal period tabooness.


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