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What others are saying about their discovery session with Jema

“I had an amazing discovery session with Jema today! She absolutely knows what she’s talking about, and is very informative and supportive! I definitely recommend catching up with her for a session. There is so much more depth to being healthy than just nutrition. Thank you for helping me and being a part of my journey Jema.”


Level 1 Path of The Goddess Graduate

“My Health Discovery Call with Jema was very enlightening, educational and was filled with her great positive energy that is infectious as after I got off the phone I felt much more positive and energised. I love Jema’s philosophies on skin and physical health, and found her to be very knowledgeable and passionate about these topics which has assisted me in taking the next steps to improving my skin, overall health and wellbeing. Prior to my discovery session I really didn’t have much clue on what I needed to focus on and now I feel like have a pathway to follow  and know that Jema’s there to support me along the way.”

Alison Lamb

Sydney, Australia

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