How Your Breasts Change Throughout Your Menstrual Cycle : Episode 81

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Hey menstrual human (or human supporting a menstrual human), have you noticed that your boobs one day can feel full, perky and plump, and the next, the complete opposite? Breasts change and unfortunately like your period, they also didn’t come with an owner’s manual, what you can expect and what to look out for.

Your beasts will change throughout your menstrual cycle. They’ll go from feel one size to another at different stages and the main cause of this changing flow is hormones. Hormones affect many aspects of breasts, not just the size. In fact it’s how breasts developed in the first place, hormones. Even well after the journey through puberty your breasts continue to change due to hormones (something else that didn’t come with a users manual). With the rising awareness of breast implant illness and breast explant surgery, hearing your response to this I knew it was time to clear up the air about the change breasts sizes (and how they feel) throughout your menstrual cycle.

To learn more about each of the 4 phases of your cycle, read up and listen up here.

In this episode discover the shifts and changes your breasts experience throughout your monthly menstrual cycle.

How Your Breasts Change Throughout Your Menstrual Cycle Episode 81


In this episode:

    • The importance of breast health throughout your monthly cycle
    • How hormones can effect your breast size
    • How your breasts change from phase to phase in your menstrual cycle
    • Other reasons why your breasts my feel different in size (Non-Hormonal)
    • What to expect in breast size from a natural menstrual cycle
    • How to track your breast health on your menstrual cycle tracker


What’s considered “normal” changes?

As we know every women’s cycle is different and therefore so are her breasts, these are common breast changes to track on your cycle tracker;

  • Swelling
  • Soreness
  • Tenderness
  • Aches
  • Changes in texture

What about when it’s not hormones?

Yes your breasts can differ in size outside of the hormonal shifts. The most common are carbohydrate rich foods due to their stimulated production of insulin which can contribute to fluid retention, aka slight plumper boobs. Additionally sex can arouse your breasts leading them to swell due to increased blood pressure and  caffeine can potentially make them feel lumpy due to how it caffeine can contribute to fibrocycstic breasts.


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Until next time beautiful!
Get connected, listen to your body and remember; body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

Jema Lee Menstrual Cycle Coach & Educator

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