11 Carbs that are actually Good for You!

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Carb-oh-hydrate  –  Most commonly know as ‘carbs’

Through the power of marketing carbs (carbohydrates) have been given quiet a bad wrap over for their contribution to ‘weight gain’. But what they didn’t market or even educator for that matter was that there are MANY different types of carbs.
Similar to how we have optimal fats and non-optimal fats, carbs are much the same – there’s optimal and non-optimal.

The key is choosing carbs that make your body sing.  These are cards that have low impact sugars AKA Low GI, they aid in digestion and the release energy over a stabilised period of time so you keep your motor going all day.  Some may call this fat burning, I can it weight balancing.

While many may say, read or hear that cutting out carbs can be great for your health, tread with caution as carbs are essential for your wellbeing and cutting them out all together may lead to putting your body in more chaos – something we do not want to happen.

These top 11 carbs listed below work to stabilise your blood sugar / insulin.  This helps reduce cravings, 3.30itis, improves sleep, energy and your mindset too.  Triple win!


Drumroll… in no particular order

11 Cards that are actually Good for You!

1. Quinoa
2. Sweet Potatoes  (has to be one of my all time favs, hello sweet potato chips!)
3. Chia Seeds
4. Lentils
5. Wild or Black Rice
6. Pumpkin
7. Black beans
8. Chickpeas
9. Broccoli
10. Green Beans
11. Spinach  (so versatile and a great source of Vitamin E)

Interesting how many of these are earth based in their natural state, hey. Well, they all are.
I’ve said it before and why not say it again – ‘if it comes from the earth it’s probably good for you.’

When sourcing these epic carbs where possible go organic, particularly with your greens!

Go on, get your carb on with these good for you carbs.


         Jema Lee

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