Celebrating your Child’s First Period! with Milina Opsenica : Episode 191

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(Subscribe on iTunesSpotify, StitcherSoundCloud or TuneIn) Do you remember your first period? Did you have family and friends that you were comfortable opening up about your period at the time or did you feel ashamed and embarrassed? In this episode, I am joined by the beautiful Milina Opsenica. After growing up in a household that avoided talking about menstruation, Milina is passionate about teaching parents to normalize talking about periods so they can best support their child during their first cycle. Going through puberty is emotionally complicated for pre-teens already and it’s important to change the conversation – or lack thereof – around periods. As a menstrual educator, Milina is helping families to not just have open conversations around periods at home but also teaching them how to celebrate their child’s first cycle. In this amazing conversation, Milina shares her tips, tricks, and recommendations for both parents and first-time menstruators to feel more comfortable talking about periods. She talks about why it’s so valuable for pre-menstruators to learn about the cycle from their home and not the media, beginning steps that fathers and mothers can take to have conversations about periods with their daughters, ways to celebrate a child’s first cycle, how her company Blooming Periods is helping to stop the stigma, and so much more.  

Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 14 – Peri Menopausal] Milina is a mother of three, living in a small coastal town on the east coast of Australia. As a menstrual cycle educator she works with mothers and their preteen daughters, educating and empowering girls to prepare for and embrace their period and help them understand the change their body is about to go through. It’s her mission to teach women, young and old, to understand and trust their bodies, not be ashamed of their periods, and to be comfortable with the changes they are going through, Both through menarche; our first period, and peri-menopause; the final years of bleeding.
Celebrating your Child's First Period! with Milina Opsenica : Episode 191

.In this episode we chat about:

      • Why Milina started Blooming Periods (5:03)
      • The importance of teens learning about the cycle from their home (11:34)
      • Tips for parents to start talking about periods in their home (13:59)
      • How parents can enhance their relationship with their daughter (27:24)
      • Ways that parents can help their daughters prepare for their first menstruation (35:40)
      • Recommendations for fathers, mothers, and the first-time menstruator to celebrate their period (45:40)
      • Three things Milina wish she knew when she started menstruating (54:22)


Connect with our Guest: 

Website: www.bloomingperiods.co
Instagram: @bloomingperiods
Facebook: Bloomingperiods

Loved Milina’s work, check out her Free Downloadable, 3 steps to a better first period for your daughter.


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