28-Day Be Healthy

Kickstart your health in 4 weeks
with 24/7 support

Looking to kick start
your health goals in 2018?


Join us for our next 28 Day Be Healthy Challenge

6th January – 2nd February 2018

What does your healthiest you look like?

Does it seem out of reach, frustrating, confusing, overwhelming?

You’re not alone!

And, it’s exactly why I this challenge was put together for you.


The 28 day Be Healthy Challenge is a 4 week healthy reset designed to reboot and renew your body, mind and approach to health.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • lose weight
  • improve your food, lifestyle and healthy eating habits
  • learn what foods best serve you and your health needs
  • assist uncomfortable digestive discomfort
  • reduce gut challenges, cramping, pains or bloating
  • improve sleep
  • reduce anxiety, depression or stress suffering
  • gain more energy
  • achieve healthy humming hormones and reduce PMS
  • improve the appearance of your skin, hair & nails
  • or just want to improve your overall health and wellbeing


This 28 Day Be Healthy Challenge was designed for you!

This challenge will help you cleanse your physical body and support your organs of elimination,
your emotional and spiritual health and help you cleanse your physical environment too. Woot Woot!


Who wouldn’t want that for under $44 a week?!

WARNING: The 28 Day Be Healthy Challenge is NOT about diets, restrictions or starving yourself.

Hell NO!  In fact we eat lots.

It’s about good food, healthy daily habits that kick unhealthy goodbye, boosting your energy, adding good vibes and a positive mindset.

PLUS along the way we teach you how to do all of these in 3 ways:

  1. simplistically
  2. with fun
  3. and, totally do-able  (regardless of how busy your “schedule” is)

And all this goodness is now LIVE.


What you Receive:


Access to the exclusive Facebook Community


Downloadable Shopping List Guide to support you throughout the challenge


Downloadable Recipe eBook with over 20 shake and smoothie recipes


Downloadable Dirty vs Clean Foods guide


Downloadable Meal Planner


4 Weeks of Live & Interactive Support in our exclusive Facebook group


Downloadable Supplement Guide


Be Healthy Support Guide


Shipped to your door Nutritional Products


6 Live Masterclasses with Live Replays


Access to the Members Community Forum with access to all future challenges


Daily inspiration and on-going support

All this for less than $44 per week

With over $1000 dollars worth of honey covered value for only $175 AUD ($43.75 p/w)

Am I crazy, NOPE!!  (ok, well maybe a little)
I just love ya and this is by far the best, funnest and most exciting way to kick start new habits.

Live Facebook Classes On:


Daily Healthy Habits and how to master them


Food shopping + Food Preparation


Gut health and digestion


Sugar, what’s all the fuss?


Mastering Skin Health


Live Q&A

PLUS these are all recorded live so if you can’t join us live at the time, no problem, you can watch the replay. #winning
And you’re going to want to re-watch them anyway cause they’re going to be JAM–PACKED!

Ready to ditch your old habits
and be healthy?

What this Challenge is not

Our vision is to provide a platform for which you can grow with, learn from and teach others.  This is not a diet – there is actually NO dieting (EVER), there’s NO fads and certainly NO food restrictions or quick fixes.  If you’re looking for overnight results you’ll need to keep looking as there is simply no such thing.  Lasting change is what we teach and this education is extremely important and something we take very seriously.  We’ve been there ourselves and what we realise is the importance of support, guidance and accountability.  It’s why our platform offers 24/7, 365 days a year support so you’re never alone, confused, frustrated or about to give in.

Plus we know the best differences in health are seen over a minimum 3-6 months.  This is why our challenge was designed to give you the best start on your new journey.

We also know that there is no one-size fits all when it comes to health.  This is why we can customise your nutritional products so that can be completely tailored to your health goals.  With the challenge cheaper than a smoothie a day it’s suitable for everyone.

Not in Australia?

No worries this challenge is available in over 20 countries.  Drop me an email to find out about the cost in your currency.


This challenge taught me how to adopting good habits daily can make a huge overall difference. Loved how simple things could easily be added to your day. My favourite part of the challenge was being part of a group with similar mindset and goals. The masterclasses were a great opportunity to learn and I’d recommend this to anyone who’d love more health and positivity in their life.

Liz Nielsen

When it comes to health I always tend to over complicate things and get distracted and then fall off the wagon when its too hard. The 28 day Be Healthy Challenge made keeping it simple which has meant I’ve stayed on track with a great group of like minded people. I’d absolutely recommend this challenge!

Jess Slackson

My biggest lesson from the challenge was ‘Listen to your body, it never lies’.  Loved seeing everyones delicious food and giving me ideas on new ways to be creative with me food.  Looking forward to the next challenge!

Michelle Wright

My favourite part of this challenge is the collaboration and sharing of health ideas, the Live Master classes were fantastic, thanks Jem!

Kasia Kondas

Because of this challenge I’m much more conscious of the food I eat and how it impacts my body and overall health. I’d definitely recommend this challenge it was great to be part of this community with like minded people, all learning from each other together.

Brittany Peters

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