with Jema

Learn skills for a lifetime,
and gain tools that will
dramatically change your life!

The ultimate one-on-one support.

Imagine not being confused about food,
health, or how to achieve glowing skin.

Picture this… waking up each morning with buzzing energy, natural glowing skin and knowledge of food without the confusion!
Knowing how to listen to your body, knowing what it’s telling you when it gains weight, has a skin break out or shows you pain or discomfort.
Picture yourself enjoying food with family and friends without the guilt, confusion and the negative BS story that stops you from feeling loved and satisfied.
Now, What if you understood your body, the messages it’s telling you and how to work with it rather than against it?

Great news!
Feeling this way is possible and
it can happen for you.

This is how I know…

In 2009 I collapsed down a flight of stairs whilst in agonizing gut pain.  I was scared, confused, frustrated and very, very lost.  I knew my body was trying to tell me something yet I had no idea what.  When I sought medical advice, they just prescribed me pills that didn’t at all help.  Aiming to eat only what I believed was ‘healthy’ at the time, trying to juggle being stressed, at a loss on what to eat and running a photography business on my own, I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Feeling better for a day or so at a time and then slipping right back to feeling BLA!  I looked 6 months pregnant, was bloated, had blemished skin and, I felt helpless.  I was willing to do anything.

I didn’t settle for band-aid quick fixes or giving up!  And you don’t need to either!

In a space of 6-12 months I went from being at my lowest to starting to feel like balanced again.  I took my years of health experience and self applied what I knew, began studying and created my own philosophies around health.  Cleaning up my plate, my shopping basket and overall approach to listening to my body, I lost 10kg’s without even having the goal of losing weight.  My tummy became flat, I finally had the option to wear make-up if I wanted to and not because I had to cover blemishes.  My mood swings disappeared and for the first time in years, I felt like myself.

Today being healthy is a habit and everything else is a by-product.  Plus it’s actually easy to be healthy!  When you’re guided how.

Ready to make Healthy a Habit?
I’ll show you how!

How I coach in a nutshell

I studied ancestral health so I bring you back to your natural core and roots.  You’ll have many ah-ha moments.

Uniquely individual, no two sessions are the same.

Real, natural and really relatable.

I’m known for my easy to understand analogies, ones that stick in the memory bank for a lifetime.

Simplified!  If it’s not easy or simple, you won’t do it.

Take complex things and un-complicate them.


With bundles of love and energy.

Who is it for?

Coaching with Jema is for women who…


Are sick and tired of being confused, frustrated and exhausted.


Know what they want to achieve but are yet to get there.


Open to learning new skills and habits.


Are passionate about feeling the healthiest they have in years.


Experience gut challenges, cramping, pains or bloating.


Feel like they are on an emotional rollercoaster. (You’re not alone.)


Confused about food and what to eat.


Stressed, fatigued and seeking more vitality.


Who think being healthy is expensive (it does not have to be).


Desire to change, and take their health well into their future.

What you’ll learn while coaching with Jema:

Understand and decipher how you feel, why your body does what it does and where health challenges generate from.

Easy daily healthy habits that slot right into your bustling day of work, little people and/or study.

Tailored action plan for you, your current goals and your body.

Go-to shopping guide, food list and meal plans that suit your lifestyle.

Nutritional supplement regime unique for you.  Plus how to find and know what works.

And, how to eat out healthy, travel healthy and take your new habits with you wherever you go!

Coaching is not for you if you’re:


Looking for a quick fix or diet.


Have a fixed mindset and think you already know how to be healthy.


Already beaming with energy, radiate skin and vitality.


Following the ‘health trend’ and not exactly looking to achieve your goals.


After a one-size-fits-all approach.


Dead against whole foods, nutritional support and yummy drinks.

What Others are Saying

Don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what others have said about working with me.

I would describe our session as educational, personal and a stepping stone. Since talking I have been reading and researching lots. I am really looking forward to the spring workshop this weekend to learn more from you (I love learning!).

Megan Moffatt

I really enjoyed my Discovery call with Jema as she gave me lots of great and useful infomation. She spent a generous amount of time with me and is very knowledgeable.

My biggest take home point was to start from the inside out and to look at really good quality foods and supplements and that our skin is the picture of what is going on inside.

I would definately recommend everyone do a session with Jema as she is really passionate about helping and offers very helpful and easy ideas that you can start straight away.  She is very generous with her time and really easy to talk with.

Sonya Thorn

I had actually read a bit of your stuff while I was trying to find my way to the light so to speak in being healthier when I got my osteoporosis diagnosis so finally coming to your talk was awesome as it really highlighted how healthy my thought patterns on nutrition have become as all I wanted to do was stand up & cheer for joy while you were talking so much sense in a world that encourages disorder. The world needs more strong inspiring women like yourself not afraid to be heard & owning the space they take up.

You’re honestly an angel & I’m so glad to have attended one of your talks finally! Can’t wait for next month & also the Rise Sista event, thank-you for being such a beacon of light.

Rachel McLaren

The call was great and your wealth of knowledge absolutely amazing.  My biggest take-home point is probably that vitamins are my friend. I have always had the attitude that if I am eating nutritious food I don’t need to supplement with vitamins. I would definitely recommend others to take the time to connect with you (in fact I have already posted in the challenge Facebook page recommending everyone on the challenge utilises the resources that have been made available to us), as you not only have great knowledge but also the belief behind the knowledge and that awesome quirky way of explaining things in plain English.

Thank you for your generosity in giving up your time to help us ‘challengers’ work towards achieving our health goals.  I am looking forward to receiving my products and boosting my health. Our chat has given me the extra nudge I think I needed to take control of my health journey and do what is best for myself.

Debbie Maloney

WOW back at you. I’m not going to lie, I’d slept poorly the night before from a few champagnes (sugar = shit sleep) but once I entered the beautiful space you had created, I was instantly blissed. I loved the content and resonated with it ALL!! The way you presented and the realness and rawness was awesome to see. As a budding nutritionist for a profession, my hobby is also this so I have studies/researched and attended MANY of this sort of thing, however yours had a definitive homely and personable approach and for that I thank you.

I hope that the workshop blew out the cobwebs and enabled you to brainstorm your expansive knowledge to continue doing what you love – that much was clear at the workshop.

Love and light.


I loved my calls with Jema, very interesting and loads of valuable info! And I keep thinking of more little gems as I think about our conversation!  I definitely recommend a session with Jema because she knows what she’s talking about and her approach is holistic, relevant and she has the background knowledge to back everything up.

Nicole Crawley

Noraville, NSW

Definitely recommend a one on one sessions with Jema. I was rather impressed and like me you’ll be surprised what you can be with provided in a short time working with Jema. Specifically I loved the knowledge based practical tips she gives that were clearly specific to me in terms of my digestive challenges. Allowing me to understand my situation in a new light, making me think differently and more holistically about my health and body. Thank you!

Emily Dale


Thank you so much for your time over the weekend, I really enjoyed our catch-up and left feeling inspired and more educated about my health.  Super excited to start my new and improved health journey.  This week already I’ve tried different vegetarian recipes and have introduced more fruit, and am feeling great!

My biggest take home point was learning that our skin cells rejuvenate in 30 days, this has helped me make more positive and healthy food choices (I know it’s been less than a week lol but has saved me from over-indulging!).

100% would recommend you to others, have so already!  I like that you don’t preach a certain diet or lifestyle and make the point that everyone is different, so different things will work for them.

Narelle Hobbs

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