Interview with Daniel Ryan

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Interview with Daniel Ryan

Meet Dan Ryan

Daniel Ryan is a professional Big Wave Body Boarder fascinated with natures energy, especially the ocean. Dan has been a big inspiration to me on my journey to wellness bringing here to support you on your journey.  Dan travels the world to meet swells, ride big barrels and to experience the awesome power of water. He finds through movement, pure water, good nutrition and positive thought patterns he is place in harmony within and with nature.

Continually pushing himself towards larger and more challenging heavy waves Dan is referred to as an underground charger, full of life and energy.  But this has not always been Dan’s path, diagnosed with depression in 2008 all the Doctors could do to assist Dan was offer prescriptive drugs. Dan thought otherwise and chose a natural holistic quick fix option, heading off to Narloo for some clarity. After dislocating his shoulder in big surf and reaching such a low point, Dan learnt that the body and mind are connected and he needed to invest in his mental health as much as his physical. Dan’s story and personality is infectious, beautiful and awe so inspiring.  Let’s find out and learn how Dan maintains his health, happiness and what his wellness philosophy is.

Describe a typical Day in the life of Dan Ryan
I wake up everyday before the sun and go either in my back yard/beach or by a river with lots of trees and spend 20 mins doing a warm up sequence.  I’ll start with a few stretches then it’s 40 mins of qi gong.

If there’s waves or it’s a nice day to be in the water I spend the day at the beach either surfing/bodyboarding/paddling/bodysurfing. I’ll have a look at the weather charts of my favourite places to surf and see if any swells have developed, if so i’ll look every few hours.

Lately I’ve been studying kinesiology and this year I’ve done a few massage courses including cupping, so I’ve bin busy practicing on people and getting experience which I’m loving. During some months throughout the year I may also go bush to work or do some labouring around town. I always finish the day with a qi gong session – no matter what.

How has having a DO’er attitude influenced your life?
Having a DO’er attitude has helped me not sit on the fence and wonder “what if”, rather it’s given me so many awesome experiences I may never have had – both good, bad, interesting and life changing.

List things your loving at the moment and can’t get enough of?
Im enjoying helping others, everybody keeps telling me I’ve got to stop doing 3 hour sessions with people. (I just can’t help it)  The techniques I’ve learnt simply fascinate me. I could never get sick enough of being outside and one with nature, and lastly just being in love with life itself!!

Top Tips for maintaining health and happiness, what is your health philosophy?
Live your dreams, be true to yourself.
Have goals/meaning’s
Eat wholefoods
Exercise regularly
Avoid denatured processed foods
Do a breathing technique that interests you such as: qi gong, meditation, tai chi, yoga etc.
Associate with people who are loving, happy and enjoy life and it will soon wear off onto you.
Get out into nature as often as possible, go barefoot..
Be kind to yourself and others
Live in the present moment
Don’t hold onto grudges
Practice forgiveness
Appreciate the simple things and don’t take life so seriously!

Daniel Ryan

How do you stay healthy while travelling?
Staying healthy whilst traveling is easy, there is always plenty of beautiful markets filled with fresh fruit, vege, nuts, coconuts or seafood and meats; if that’s your thing.  I also take a pretty big bag filled with goodies which is always interesting when travelling through customs.

How do you Move and Nourish your body, what is your intention?
We could be here all day but the main ways I like to move are surfing, bike riding, yoga, running, chek traing, qi gong.  My intention is always to move and flow effortlessly. I nourish myself with a fresh wholefood diet, drink plenty of pure water with a pinch of good celtic sea or himalayan salt and with plenty or play comes plenty of rest.

Juicing or Blending? Which do you prefer?
I use to juice lots but these days I really only juice while I detoxing as I believe juicing is a fantastic cleansing and healing method.  However I have smoothies everyday and have done so for as long as I can remember, they are my favourite meal of the day.

What goal’s and aspirations do you hold for the future?
A big goal at the moment is completing another 10 day silent meditation which I will be doing very soon, along with continuing to learn from my teachers, start my own business as a holistic practitioner while continually challenging myself in the ocean.

My only aspiration that I long for is that human consciousness will rise to a level where war, harming and killing others would be unquestionable and we treat this beautiful planet and all living things in it with more love and compassion.

What’s on your bucket list?
Sail throughout the South Pacific on my own yacht!

Want to know more about Dan? – Watch this amazing video of his!  You’ll feel inspired and want to go outside, just warning you.

Dan Ryan - Silent Rythms Video :: Megaburn Australia

I hope you enjoyed meeting Dan! If you have any questions or comments for him make them below.

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