Discover Your Cervix 101 with Qiddist Ashé : Episode 152

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How well do you know your cervix?
In fact, did you even know you had a cervix?
It wasn’t until my late 20’s that I discovered this beautiful part of my body, almost 15 years after experiencing my first period. I’ve since discovered over the years of reconnecting that it’s the anchor of my health.

From how the cervix connects with your nervous system, links in with your chakra’s, acts as a gateway, is a site of transformation and as our episode guest describes. “is the seat of our creative power.”

Join me and radical female health educator Qiddist Ashé as we get an entire run down on the Cervix. What she does, who she is, why she’s important and the role she plays in our overall health from physical, emotional to mental.

This is the one part of your body that will transport both your menstrual experience as well as your overall ability of live in balance and harmony. Big call, I know and in this episode you’ll find out why.



Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 15 – Inner Summer]

Qiddist Ashé is a medicine woman who holds space for women’s transformation as they cultivate the inner and outer resources needed to live fully in their power. As a radical female health educator, traditional midwife, herbalist and teacher, she weaves the science and the sacred of living in a female body, with a deep belief that knowing how to care for our bodies and each other is our birthright.

Qiddist runs The Womb Room, a virtual, global community for women’s health and power that merges radical body literacy, embodiment practice, and self-responsibility skills in service to our total sovereignty.

Discover Your Cervix 101 with Qiddist Ashé _ Episode 152
In this episode we chat about:
      • What is the cervix
      • Why is the cervix so important?
      • Pin pointing Ovulation
      • Igniting your relationship with your cervix
      • The nervous system and your cervix
      • How to support and open your cervix
      • The cervix, Kegels and Yoni Egg
      • How to explore and look at your own cervix
      • How to reconnect with your Cervix

Connect with our Guest: 

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Until next time beautiful!
Get connected, listen to your body and remember; body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

Jema Lee Menstrual Cycle Coach & Educator

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