How to Discover your Unique Ayurveda Dosha

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Ayurveda it’s all the buzz at the moment and the quest for knowing your dosha and staring that dosha balancing diet pronto is top priority everywhere I look right now. But does this actually contribute to balanced health?
Well, in this blog post you’ll find out.


What is a Dosha?

The Dosha’s are bloody cool is what they are, they are the Ayurvedic elements combined together to create what we know as, our personality and/or our blueprint type. They refer to our own individual unique constitution and make up, and are made up of three different elemental types:

Vata – spacey, air and wind

Pitta – fiery, hot and energetic

Kapha – cohesive and down to earth

Now as soon as you read these I bet you’re thinking, “ooooo which one am I?” So stop that thought right there as I have something much deeper to share that will help you discover your health and body make up in a more honest and humbling way.

There are many Dosha Quiz’s and lots of Dosha profiling websites and methods shared through many books however, most of these can be a little miss leading. Why? Because we are not one thing. We are not one dosha.

Often in coaching and programs I’m asked about, “what can I do for this…?”, “what’s the best diet for that…” but truthfully there is no one thing for anything and this also applies to us in discovering our own unique body type. Your dosha’s.

In the western world both in and out of medicine we love to label ourselves. “I have PCOS, You are a Vegan, I have anxiety.” and this mindset of labeling has trickled into Ayurveda in the west when we see and hear about the Dosha’s for the first time.

But eastern Ayurveda that is yet to be westerly influenced has a completely different approach to labeling and knowing your unique dosha blueprint. And this is, where we are all things.

You are not only Vata, you are not a Pitta or a Kapha for that matter.
We are all Dosha’s!

“What does that even mean Jema???” I hear you asking. It means that we have all elements and qualities of each of the three constitutions, Vata, Pitta and Kapha within us however it’s the balance and % of each dosha that’s most important to discover.

I call this your Unique Dosha Blueprint. Kinda of similar to math. One of the best ways to discover it is to know that we as a whole equal 100%, and as a whole we can be made up of each Dosha. Some of Pitta, some of Vata, and also Kapha. However it’s the balance of each of these dosha’s within the 100% that makes up our unique blueprint.

Very much like how our finger prints are all different, so are our dosha prints.

Here’s some examples for you:

I may be:
70% Vata
20% Pitta
10% Kapha

While a friend may be:
65% Kapha
20% Vata
15% Pitta


How can I discover my unique Dosha Blueprint?

There’s no straight answer to this to be truthful and the one I have for you, you most likely wont like cause as health lovers we just want to know, right!? To truly discover your unique dosha blueprint work with an Ayurveda Coach, or Ayurvedic Doctor.

Why? Because it’s the best and most authentic way to get a true blueprint reading. With this reading they’re then able to show you how your blueprint influences and enhance your life and health, as well as where your blueprint weak spots may be. These can comes across through our mind and how it works, our digestion, our body shape, our food preferences, how we like to move, how we act and much more.

Knowing your Dosha is far more than just knowing what to eat (as all of my Ayurveda clients quickly discover) and working with someone trained in Ayurveda is like working with an architect in building your dream home. Instead the your dream home is your body’s optimal health balance, and your Ayurveda Coach is your world class architect.

A heads up – trying to discover your dosha blueprint on your own can lead to miss self guided information, which often just like Dr.Googl’ing can lead you down the wrong path or rabbit hole. Not to mention it can also make you anxious.


However I know you want to know more and what your Dosha Blueprint is so here’s how to get started in discovering your Unique Dosha Blueprint:

1. Discover the Dosha’s

Firstly get to know the 3 different dosha’s; vata, pitta and kapha. Discover how they differ, there individual qualities and also how they work together for all aspects of you; mind, body and spirit. Also check out this article on Ayurveda for a background too.

2. Take a Dosha Blueprint Quiz

Yes of course you can do this, however as I said be aware of how you respond to the results. Are you labelling yourself, are you putting yourself into a box, are you creating harsh diets?

> Access my Ayurveda Dosha Blueprint here

3. Don’t get attached to your Dosha

This has to be the most important of them all! Don’t be attached to your Dosha profile (quiz results) or how you see it no matter the numbers or results. This is where the Ayurvedic principle of allowing comes in, knowing that every day is different and our body responds differently to each day. To the days weather, the days to-do list, the days food and even interactions you’ve had with others, every day our dosha’s will respond and act slightly differently.

Getting attached to anything is unhealthy, just as it is with you Dosha’s.
Focus always on what is bringing you closer and more in alignment with your own balance.

Discover your Dosha Blueprint, here.


Ready to learn how to eat, move and live in tune with your Dosha’s?

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