Incase you haven’t heard anything about Coffee Enema’s before and you’ve just beautifully landed here, click here Coffee Enema’s : Cleansing from the Inside Out first.  Otherwise … your with me and today we’re learning a DIY : Home Coffee Enema’s.

So you want to do your own Coffee Enema, fantastic!

Here’s what you’ll need to kick flush your liver:

–       Enema Kit
–       Ground Organic Coffee  (light to medium roast)
–       Boiling Pot  (Aluminum Pot is not recommended as it is a toxic metal)
–       Measuring Jar
–       Jar for Coffee Storage.
–       Towel or Matt to lay on
–       Timer  (watch or phone)

DIY : Home Coffee Enema's

Making the coffee:

1. In a sauce pan combine 1 ltr of purified water and 3 tablespoons of ground organic coffee.

2. Bring to the boil and let simmer for 15 minutes.

3. Strain the Coffee through a nut bag or sieve into a jar or container.

If you are wanting to conduct your enema strait away, please allow the coffee to cool down to body temperature.  You can test this by putting a clean finger into the coffee to ensure it is the right temperature.  Or alternatively leave to sit overnight to cool.  Doing your coffee enema in the morning is the most ideal time, especially after a bowel movement as this allows you to retain the enema for longer – deeper cleanse.

Preparing to take your Enema:

1. Fill your Enema bag with your Coffee Water.  Make sure the clamp is on so your bag fills & doesn’t completely empty.

2. Hang on a towel rack, door handle, shower head etc, making sure it is 1+ meters off the ground.

3. Lubricate the enema end, I like to use Coconut Oil

4. Lie on your right side with your knees at a 90 degree angle up towards your chest.

Let the Enema begin…wellsome_byjemalee_post_DIY_Home_Coffee_Enema_kit

1. Insert the tip of the enema tube slowly into your backside 10-15 cm’s.

2. Release the stopper and slowly release some fluid into yourself, then re-clamp.
(I like to allow my body to adjust by only inserting a small amount at the start,
adjusting and then releasing the rest).

3. Release the rest of the bag, letting it run through until empty.

BREATHE . . . sounds silly but don’t forget too!

With the bag completely emptied you can either remain on your side or lie on your back with your feet over head in a plough (yogi move).  This helps move the coffee around and if you hear any squirting or popping sounds in your belly, PERFECT! This is an indication of bile being released.

At any stage if you feel you can no longer take on any more, re-clamp the tube, remove and release on a toilet.

Ideally you aim to hold for 10-15mins, you may experience strong urges to release (poo), these sensations do pass over time however if this is your first time don’t be surprised if you can’t hold it any longer than a few minutes – and yes this is OK! Remember your body knows what is best for it and if you need to go, you need to go.

Coffee Enema’s are very safe.  Some very ill stricken patients have been know to take up to 6 enema’s a day to aid in their recovery.  If you are on a cleanse or detox, daily enemas are recommended. For general health and wellbeing, you can join me – I do weekly enema’s.

Have you tried a Coffee Enema before? Are you going to give it a go? I’d love to hear your stories or experiences.  If you have any questions let me know – happy to help you on your journey too!  Happy cleansing 🙂

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