Let’s get one thing straight here. Not many women are aware that their hormones continually change throughout their cycles. Sometimes, you’re confident and energised while other times, you can feel more introverted. Sometimes, you’re loving fresh salads and other times, you just want a big mug of homemade soup. This beautiful, is completely normal!

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that your hormones aren’t happy right now. You might get the hangry cravings for 3 days straight before your period. Or maybe you experience pain and cramping. It might even be that you get sad, angry or frustrated at the same time each month and have NO idea why?!

But one things for sure you eat. And do so daily, am I right or am I right. So what if you’re eating habits were in tune with your body’s hormonal needs throughout the month? Yep eating for healthy happy hormones can help you embrace PMS-free periods, improve acne, bloating, cramps pains – basically all of the cycle signs not to mentioned it’s easy and fun when you know how.

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Why can’t I eat the same thing every day?

You are not a robot, and neither is your cycle. Throughout the month, your hormones shift naturally. This changes your energy levels, your sleep needs, your emotions and the foods that you want to eat too. (along with a zillion other things)

When you’re ovulating, you have completely different nutritional needs compared to when you’re menstruating. So why would you eat the same foods every single day of your life when every day your body has a different internal balance?

It’s a good question right. You see, eating the same food all cycle long could even contribute to the potential cycle symptoms you experience. Period pain, bloating, heavy bleeding and food cravings are signs from your body that something needs your attention. If you’re eating the same foods every day, these signs could very well be a message to you that perhaps your bodies not getting the specific nutrients needed for each of the 4 season of your menstrual cycle.

For example, you might get a craving for chocolate. If you’re restricted with your eating, you might tell yourself you can’t have it and put yourself through a minefield battle game of bad devil vs. good angle. When 9 times out of 10, your body will win the battle, and you’ll probably end up feeling guilty for eating the chocolate and end up punishing yourself. But what if that chocolate craving could be a sign of what nutrients your body is craving that your usual food isn’t providing you.

Seasons of my cycle – what do you mean?

If you have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to the seasons of your cycle, let me give you a quick run-through.

The first thing to understand is that your cycle is not just your period. It is the full cycle of hormonal changes that occur before, during and after your period (bleeding time).

A cycle is divided into four phases, also known ancestrally as seasons. These seasons have different balances of hormones, which means you’re likely to experience different signs and emotions during each individual season. Each season lasts very roughly a week, although this all does depend on your cycle length and balance.

Inner Winter is the season of your period, bleeding time or menstruation. Like winter, it can feel cold, so we want to be warm inside. You might also feel introverted and want to withdraw from the world.

Inner Spring is the time after menstruation ends, leading towards ovulation. Also known as the Follicular Phase of your cycle. The season where you start to feel fresh and energised.

Inner Summer is the time of ovulation. When you’re most in balance, inner summer makes you feel sexy and sassy. It is the most confident time of your cycle. I call this the Beyonce Phase.

Inner Autumn can be the most challenging season for many women because it’s the post-ovulation and pre-menstrual season. It requires the most support to stay in balance. It’s also the season you’re most likely to experience food cravings, mood swings, pain, fatigue and bloating.
Modern medicine refers to this phase and those cycle signs as PMS, and says they’re ‘normal’ to experience all of these signs and symptoms. It might be common, but that doesn’t make it normal!   (I call total BS on normal)

The easiest way to learn about each of the seasons for yourself in your body and discover more indepthly your cycle signs is to track your full monthly cycle. Every womens’ cycle is different in unique ways, which is why it’s important to understand your own unique cycle patterns and rhythms. Plus it’s totally fun!


Foods to Support all 4 Seasons of your Cycle

If you want to eat for happy hormones, start out by eating plenty of natural foods. Colourful foods that come from the earth, like fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds support balanced, happy hormones. You want to enjoy a range of these foods throughout your cycle, year round.

But when it comes to the 4 different seasons, there are some little tweaks you can make to support your body as you move through your cycle to change and improve your overall monthly cycle experiences.

Phase 1: Eating for Inner Winter

Just like wintertime in our outer world, you want to eat foods that are warm and nourishing to the body. Eat and create foods and meals that make you feel grounded and comfortable. This is the best time to reach for soups, stews and root vegetables that nurture your flow.

Phase 2: Eating for Inner Spring

During inner spring transition begin to include foods that are light and fresh. This is the phase where you’ll feel drawn to start back with raw foods alongside the cooked foods you enjoyed during inner winter. For example, you might have a fresh green salad, but add in roasted pumpkin and seeds, perfect!

Phase 3: Eating for Inner Summer

During summer, your digestion is at it’s strongest and your confidence is sassily sky high. Enjoy raw foods that are fresh, colourful and vibrant. Salad and fresh fruit are your friends during inner summer.

FYI, this is also the time of your cycle that your body can handle eating slightly out more too!

Phase 4: Eating for Inner Autumn

Inner autumn is all about balance. You’re most likely to want to eat everything in the pantry during this stage of your cycle, so it’s essential to choose nutritious foods that keep you feeling full. Go for plenty of warm foods, wholegrains and yummy roasted vegetables.


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