Egg Quality, Fertility and Pre Conception Care with Stefanie Adler : Episode 207

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There are many factors that contribute to giving birth to a healthy child, but what about the actual quality of a child-bearing person’s eggs? Is there such a thing as “bad” or “good” eggs? How can we optimize our egg quality?

Stefanie Adler, who first appeared on the Well Woman Podcast in episode 97, joins me to chat all about egg quality, fertility, and preconception care. As a Women’s Hormone and Fertility Expert, Stefanie has incredible wisdom on these topics that aren’t talked about enough. Whether you’re someone who doesn’t want children, has already had children, or is hoping to conceive soon, there is valuable information for all egg-bearing ladies out there.

In this conversation, Stefanie talks about why egg quality is important, how we can preserve our egg health, what happens to our egg quality as we age, ways that hormonal birth control impacts our eggs, habits and dietary choices that improve egg quality, tips to support egg quality before conceiving, and so much more.


Meet Our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 175 – Pregnant – Inner Summer]

Stefanie Adler, is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Women’s Hormone + Fertility Expert, Birth Doula and Wellness Coach. Her practice focuses on supporting those with cycling bodies in balancing their hormones, healing their gut’s, and all things baby making. She is immensely passionate about giving women the knowledge and tools they need to thrive in the modern world. When she isn’t supporting clients you can find Stefanie on a pottery wheel making moon mugs, hiking, or reading a historical fiction novel.

Egg quality, Fertility and Pre Conception Care with Stefanie Adler _ Episode 207
In this episode we chat about:
      • Why egg quality is important and how it changes with age (13:00)
      • What the AIP diet is and how it helps reduce oxidative stress (22:21)
      • Is focusing on egg quality important if you don’t want kids? (28:31)
      • How hormonal birth control impacts egg quality (33:24)
      • Why the trimester before conception is important (39:47)
      • Recommendations for supporting your body in the first trimester of an unplanned pregnancy (43:12)
      • Top 5 tips to support egg quality when preparing for conceiving (47:04)

Connect with our Guest: 

Podcast: Wisdom of the Womb Website: Isntagram: @stefanieadlerwellness  

View this Episode on YouTube:


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