Celebrating your body isn’t a daily practice for many women, if anything it’s far from a weekly practice. Can you relate? Today’s episode guest shares her hilarious insights into embracing your body, loving your rolls, lumps and bumps all while exploring the nature of loving who you are.

Mikaela share’s insights into how she moves, what she eats and what supports her healthy bubbly mindset, not to mention we talk openly about body shame and how to regroup, reconnect with yourself and live in tune with your cycle.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 25 – Inner Autumn]

Mikaela is an bubbly and vivacious young lady who’s wild driven to inspiring young women through all her favourite modalities including fitness, positivity, plant based living and community.
She’s the creator of Empower Retreats and is currently traveling the world connecting, serving and supporting young women.


In this episode we chat about:

    • Celebrating being a women
    • Coming of contraception after 7 years
    • How to alter your exercise and fitness through your monthly cycle
    • Embracing your body and
    • Letting go of perfectionism body pressure
    • A day in the life of eating with Mikaela
    • Mikaela’s daily body positivity practices
    • What she wish her younger self new about becoming a women.


During this episode we spoke about Cycle Tracking, get started with your own Free downloadable Love Your Cycle tracker here.
Or connect with the Free App we shared, Clue – here.

Reach out, say ‘Hi’ and connect with Mikaela on Instagram at @mikaeladiblasio, or dive on over and check out her Empower Retreats that give back, here.


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Until next time beautiful!
Get connected, listen to your body and remember body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

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