Bloating, sore belly, constipation… frustration it’s not fun, or nice for that matter. In fact 90% of my clients and women in the Well Woman Academy have all in the past experienced so kind of digestive and bloating challenge. Yep, bloating is often one of the most “common” cycle signs going round. Which makes complete sense when you understand how closely linked your endocrine and menstrual cycle are to your gut health.

So I’ve called up the Gut Health expert to join us in this episode and chat about all the gut health, cycles and hormone links.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

[Day 14 – Inner Summer]

Fran is a degree-qualified Functional Nutritionist with a passion for real food, gut health and making healthy living fun and easy. She has a functional approach to nutrition, where she identifies the root cause of the body’s signs and symptoms, building a resilient body and ditch frustrating symptoms for life. How good does that sound!

Fran works with clients one on one, runs group programs from her clinic in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and online.


In this episode we chat about:

    • What a functional nutritionist is
    • Common poor gut health signs and symptoms
    • Birth control effect on gut health
    • Leaky gut and how to heal your gut
    • How your period is your monthly report card
    • Best foods and nutritional products for gut healing and overall health
    • Daily support for your overall menstrual cycle
    • oooopppp and you’ll love the Fat Fobic mention too!


Loved this Fran and her amazing knowledge too? Learn more about her and what she does here, you can also find her here on Instagram @frandargaville_nutritionist or here on Facebook.


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Get connected, listen to your body and remember body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

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