Today to be go-go-go, avoid emotional discomfort, say YES to everything, want more of many things and crave consuming is common. A little too common actually, but imagine if we did the opposite… we become comfortable through emotional discomfort, we faced our cravings rather than consumed them and we began to say no. How would this feel?

Today’s episode is filled with deep insights, magic chocolate and amazing tips from our guest on how to stop seeking information and start embodying space.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

[Day 10 – Inner Spring]

Meet Emily Hassett; a cacao ceremony facilitator, retreat guide and chief creatress of ‘Spirited Seeker’, a home for women to explore their inner and outer worlds through emotion-based coaching, immersive events and programs that are in rebellion of what you would expect from the current self help paradigm.

Em studied in Bali earlier this year to deepen her understanding of working with cacao as a plant medicine through the Andean shamanism lineage and hosts monthly community gatherings virtually, to curate women circles in the digital age. She’s obsessed with bringing ancient ways anew so modern mystics can navigate this current day with more ease and in remembrance of our innate magic.

And yes, this episode is magic!


In this episode we chat about:

    • What it means to be fulfilled
    • Cacao Ceremony’s, what they are and their purpose
    • Cacao Pods – check them out here on Google
    • Embracing space and becoming comfortable in space
    • Anger, fear, frustration and how to embody
    • Working your NO muscle
    • Becoming present, letting go of what we feel we need more of
    • Taking ownership of you!


Be sure to reach out and say hi to Emily over on Instagram here @spiritedseeker. You can discover and search through her website here; And join me in checking out her next Cacao Ceremony, here.


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