Fear, anxiety, grief, numbness... there all emotions that can easily take over and run the show. Ever considered how these emotions form or what energy essence they come from? For the past few years, 6 to be exact I've been exploring the energy system of my being and the more I discovered it the more I began to understand how it was contributing to my every move.

How I felt working, being a friend, being a partner even whilst on my yoga mat. It wasn't until I took the plunge into stepping into my feminine essence that all of this started to change. And it's MUCH easier than it seems, and in this episode our guest guides us through exactly how we can you can start this journey today!


Meet our Podcast Guest:

Today's guest Shannon Major is a Feminine Power Relationship coach who is passionately dedicated to supporting women in feeling more safe and desired in their intimate relationship with others and themselves. Shannon's work focuses on healing the repression of the Feminine to awaken humanity's connection to erotic aliveness and spirituality.


In this episode we chat about:

    • Masculine and Feminine Essence
    • How to step into your feminine essence (5 simple steps)
    • Benefits of surrendering into fear
    • How to master your relationship with self
    • Unbecoming yourself
    • Speaking from fullness and,
    • How to show up in radical self care


Connect with Shannon and learn more about her and your 8 week program over here on Instagram at @theselflovewitch, or here on Facebook.


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