Is it just me or have you also noticed a big shift and chance in the menstrual movement over the past 24 months? This is having a changing affect and dynamic impact on menstrual awareness and education globally. From West to East it’s being transformed everywhere. This global movement has inspired the creation of the first menstrual conference, yep a conference about menstruation. This is music to my ears! Literally.

And I’m beyond excited to be a part of this global movement as a guest speaker for this upcoming event. In this episode I interview conference co-ordinator and visionary for global movement Autumn. Together we dive in and explore what this conference is all about, the overall global movement and what you can expect to see and learn.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

Autumn is a public health devotee determined to supporting global human health needs and being a catalyst for female empowerment. She’s a runner, a self-improvement enthusiast, a giggler and a curious sponge. Autumn recently graduated from Georgetown University in the United States, which lead her to embarking on a trip around the world for over a year now to volunteer her time to better understand the needs of communities and the gaps that she can fill. Currently she’s a volunteer project coordinator for an NGO called Aarogya Seva, in Bangalore, India working closely with menstrual health projects including coordinating the international Period Junction Menstrual Conference.


In this episode we chat about:

    • Period tabeoness throughout different races, religions and countries
    • Menstrual health for teens & tweens
    • The pill and Autumns personal menstrual journey
    • The global menstrual awareness movement
    • Period Junction, the conference and it’s mission – plus how to stream in live!
    • and, Menstrual hygiene


About ‘Period Junction” the global conference:

The Period Junction is an international menstruation health conference to take place at Veterinary College, Hebbal in Bangalore, India on March 7th & 8th.The conference will host 150-200 delegates from various fields including menstrual health organizations, activists, leaders, researchers and volunteers to share best practices, ideas and to take substantial action collaboratively towards the menstrual health movement. Over the course of two days, participants will be led through interactive experiences, workshops and discussion-based panels derived from diverse sectors. Some of the themes to be explored include the empowerment of women through connecting with the phases of the menstrual cycle, how policy and advocacy is informing the movement, the intersection of menstrual health and inclusion and engaging men and boys in the conversation.

Check out the Period Junction Conference event website here. where you can register to listen and join in, along with find additional information about the conference and it’s mission.

Here’s a link to to check out our Panchakarma Podcast, listen to it here.

Loved Autumn and her journey, check her out on Instagram here at @a_eastman
And connect with Aarogya Seva (conference organisers) here on Instagram at @doctorsforseva.


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