Energetic boundaries, do you have them? Ever had the feeling of people taking or stealing your energy before?

In this weeks podcast episode I’m joined by spiritual and intuitive coach and healer Jess Lee Williams to discuss why are energetic boundaries so important. Together we exploring, tuning out to tune in and how you can make decisions that feel aligned to you and you souls path?

Not to mention in this episode Jess guides us through a ‘Reclaiming your Energy and Setting Boundaries Visualisation’ together.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 15 – Inner Autumn]

As a coach and healer, Jess’s mission is to make the sacred simple, so more women can follow the calling within to connect with themselves and their soul.⁣

She channels high vibrational healing energy, messages from our guides and her inner wisdom to intuitively guide you through your own healing and reclamation. ⁣All of which we do together in this episode, get ready for a first hand experience. Jess guides women to ⁣re-connecting you with their heart space, back into their power, whilst being embodied and grounded to the earth. Releasing and clearing what is no longer serving energetically.


In this episode we chat about:

    • Healing and channelling
Earth pulsing
Giving yourself permission to slow down
    • Connecting with your Inner Girl
    • Why you need energetic boundaries
    • Putting protection practices inlace to support you
    • Saying YES more to yourself
    • Using your body to support decision making
    • Your daily anchor point for clearing


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