If you’ve ever taken a pilates or yoga class you would have heard the words, pelvic floor mentioned more than once or twice. But the pelvic floor isn’t just a muscle that contributes or helps you work your core. To get a deeper understand on how the pelvic floor works I connected with Pelvic Floor Health expert Candice Langford from South Africa to guide us through, everything we need to know about your pelvic floor.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

[Day 2 – Inner Winter]

Candice Jane Langford is a physiotherapist by trade practising in the field of pelvic health and wellness. She has a passion for sexual health and as a physiotherapist she works with patients that may be concerned about symptoms relating to pelvic floor dysfunction. On Instagram she’s known for talking pee, poo, pleasure and pain in a light hearted manner as she intends to empower her followers through education whilst breaking down the grasps of taboo.


In this episode we chat about:

    • What is the pelvic floor
    • How the pelvic floor works
    • What we need to know about our pelvic floor
    • The functions of the pelvic floor
    • How the pelvic floor supports healthy sex
    • Filling up your sexual cup
    • 3 ways to support a healthy pelvic floor today


Additional Links from this Episode:

You can find the “How to Kegel” video Candice mentions here on IGTV.

Be sure to visit the Labia Library here; www.labialibrary.org.au and also the Vulva Gallery at www.thevulvagallery.com.


Check out more of Candice’s IGTV and Instagram content at @nurtureyourvagina, along with more pelvic floor health information on her website www.nurturepelvichealth.com. There you’ll discover more about how she works and what she offers too.


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