Breaking Through Emotional Eating and Body Image Stories with Bek Antonucci : Episode 73

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Body image stories… for women they begin young, often too young. Recently I shared over on Instagram about a body image story I’ve had about my knees, yep knees. A story that started for me back when I was a young teenager. Thinking about this now, knowing what I now know about body image, self acceptance and social pressures I can see how I once and many women around me still today struggle with the battle of negative body image stories. It’s a topic I believe that strongly needs to be brought to light, further explored and educated on. So I reached out to friend Bek Antonucci who works with women in breaking through body image stories to support them in amplifying body acceptance to open up this conversation.


Meet our Podcast Guest:

[Cycle Day 4 – Inner Winter]

Bek Antonucci is a personal freedom & emotional wellbeing coach, speaker, writer, Naked Awakening facilitator and founder of the group coaching program “Being Brilliant.”

Bek supports women to breakthrough ineffective self worth and body image stories to activate their unique voice and start living their most brilliant and radically expressed life. Bek supports women all over the world to live free from societal pressures and truly embrace every part of the unique self.

Breaking through Emotional Eating and Body Image Stories with Bek Antonucci : Episode 73


In this episode we chat about:

    • Body comparison and craving the perfect body
    • Binge eating and yo-yo dieting’s negative effects
    • Loving yourself first
    • Reframing and renaming your communication
    • Beks number one question to ask yourself daily
    • Stepping into being vulnerable
    • 3 ways to break through self judgement


Loved this chat with Bek as much as me? Be sure to reach out and connect with her on Instagram at @bekantonucci. and you’ll find her on Facebook here too.

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