Self Care Rituals for your Menstrual Cycle with Jema Lee : Episode 75

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In a world where we’re taught to self care, what does self care actually mean and look like during our menstrual cycle? Knowing that day-to-day, phase-to-phase our cycle looks and feels extremely different, we ca imagine our self care would look different too.

Some days we’re craving nurturing and support, others we’re bouncing with vitality to get out and play. In this episode join me to discover the phase and inner season specific rituals I love to do and teach for your menstrual cycle. These rituals support healthy menstruation, reducing cycle signs, your moods and emotions, as well as connecting you with your cycle in a way you’ve not experienced.

You’ll discover rituals from ancestral linage entwined into the modern day muse. And yes, all of these rituals I practice myself and I can’t wait to share them with you!

I’ve included a full list below for you too.


Self Care Rituals for your Menstrual Cycle


In this episode:

    • Discover rituals for each phase of your cycle
    • Ways to nurture and support Inner Winter (mensuration)
    • My go-to Inner Autumn (pre-menstrual) rituals for welcoming in my next bleed
    • Movement practices for each phase of your cycle
    • My favourite things to do during Inner Spring (pre-ovulation)
    • Tips around self pleasure for ovulation
    • How to welcome in your new bleed and celebrate menstruation

Here’s my favourite ways to support myself in each phase of my cycle;


Menstruation / Inner Winter

  • Wearing red. Read underwear, clothes, scarf, red hot water bottle, red socks, red lipstick
  • Using a red pen in my cycle tracker and journal, an epic way to connect with your bleed!
  • I’m yet to own red sheets (I’m a fussy linen owner haha) however similar to wearing red, wrapping yourself in red sheets on your bed is beautiful. A great ritual of redressing your bed.
  • Take time offline! Staying off social media isn’t “easy” yet I always ensure I tune back on devices, time on line and screen distractions. It’s not always possible but I always make an effort, especially in the evenings.
  • Draw cards (angle, oracle or tarot) and set intentions for the cycle ahead.
  • Mud map out my cycle on my cycle planner (download included in Well Woman Academy) and always plan something social for Ovulation!!
  • Brew and drink a moon tea
  • Take to earlier nights to bed
  • Indulge in a bath soak, body massage
  • I listen to my Inner Winter Spotify playlist for meditation time, pre bed routine and my movement meditation.
  • Reduce my movement practice to full yin. This opens up space and time for the Kali Yoga, I teach the full Kali Yoga class over inside the Well Woman Academy, access it here).
  • I also practice this movement meditation that welcomes in your bleed. (how-to guided class inside the Well Woman Academy membership).



Pre-ovulation / Inner Spring:

  • Try a new recipe (normally one I’ve seen during my last cycle that I’ve saved for this time in my cycle)
  • Celebrate your own blossoming, this can be with flowers (I collect natures on my hikes), flower based tea, burning a candle and/or sage, or wear floral attire.
  • I flip back to my normal blue/black pen on my cycle tracker and journal.
  • I increase my movement practice making it playful and fun. More yoga, more music, more dance – and always to this Inner Spring playlist.
  • I begin wear clothes that feel playful and sexy, this is more how it feels than what it looks like.
  • I try something new for the first time, a dance class, a pilates class, a new restaurant, a new date idea – get creative!
  • I focus on my creative tasks inside my business.


Ovulation / Inner Summer:

  • I listen to my Inner Summer playlist and DANCE!! Check it out here. I love to dance and use music to bring out my sassiness of ovulation!
  • I go on a date night! With myself, a friend, my family or a partner. This is a monthly must every cycle. I love planning it in Inner Winter and looking forward to it through Inner Spring.
  • Get out into the community. This often is me being social in my yoga studio, with my entire family (I’m from a big fam) or even at local Kirtan.
  • Following panchakarma self care I do a physical body connection practice. This is generally self massage of the entire body, yoni massage, breast massage or even just a leg massage. Be sure to apply lots of extra love.
  • Self-pleasure. Alway make time for this! Using my crystal wands, yoni egg or my own hands I take advantage to honour my natural wetness and increased sexual desire to pleasure myself. I love this! Self pleasure is a birth right, it’s not dirty or naughty – it’s loving, giving and yoni awakening.


Pre-menstruation / Inner Autumn:

  • I introduce warm Inner Autumn nurturing foods, such as roasts.
  • I change my movement practice to be mostly outdoors and in nature.
  • Invest time to be fully in nature, hikes, ocean swimming, moon gazing, long walks outdoors as much as possible. Either listening to the sounds of nature, or this Inner Autumn Playlist.
  • I wear my Obsidian Yoni Egg each night from days 21 to bring in downward energy, release trauma and activate my root chakra – prefect pre bleed grounding yoni ritual.
  • I also tie in body weight workouts like Pilates and weights. (love mixing up my movement practice throughout my cycle – more on that here).
  • I tune into my dreams as they become more vivid, it’s great to journal on these.
  • I have a sauna, spa and/or bath, adding in epsom salts, lavender and rose petals. This supports detoxification and mineral absorption.
  • I also incorporate my castor oil pack in the second half of Inner autumn to support inflammation, bloating, welcoming in my bleed and oestrogen elimination. I have a full class on how to do this over here, inside the Well Woman Academy.
  • I make myself my ritual Cacao spiced drink to sip on each night before bed, this hits the chocolate cravings and nourishes blood movement. Recipe inside Well Woman Academy, here.
. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of The Well Woman Podcast. I’m beyond honoured that you’re here and would be grateful if you could take 2 minutes to leave me a 5-star review in iTunes or on your podcast app, this way together we can inspire, connect and educate even more women. Let’s connect? Take a screenshot of this episode and share it on Instagram tagging me in with @wellsome_jemalee and the hashtag #WellWomanPodcast – can’t wait to connect. Until next time beautiful! Get connected, listen to your body and remember; body confidence all begins with living in tune with your menstrual cycle.

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