If you’ve been reading my blog, I’m sure you would have seen my other articles about Gluten Free Diet’s, including: 10 reasons why you should go gluten free. I’m so passionate about educating on the importance of a Gluten Free Diet and why gluten free diet’s are a better lifestyle choice for you, your family and for your life long health, regardless of whether or not you have a pre-existing sensitivity condition’s to gluten. Here are the top 3 important reasons why you should give up gluten.

1.  Researchers have linked gluten to the development of over 55 diseases – YES! gluten can assist in development and growth of disease.

2.  It has also been associated with hormonal imbalance leading to poor metabolic and reproductive functions in the body.

3.  And… gluten has been proven to negatively affect people’s cognitive and physical state.

Your Getting Started Gluten Free Diet Guide

Just these alone would make you want to give up the gluten glue. I’ve met many people like yourself who want to give it up but have no idea where to start or how to start. So to get you started let me share with you a gluten free diet guide food list that you could work with to slowly help you eliminate gluten from your current diet. This guide is something I constantly refer to as a gluten free coach and I can personally guarantee it’s helpfulness in making the lifestyle change to living gluten free.


Approved Grains: 
– Rice
– Soy
– Potato
– Beans
– Corn
– Flax
– Nut Flours
– Tapioca
– Buckwheat
– Sorghum
– Arrowroot
– Teff
– Beans
– Garfava
– Quinoa
– Millet
– Amaranth
– Montina

Opposed Grains:
– Wheat (Durum, Faro, Graham, Spelt, Semolina, Kamut)
– Barley
– Rye
– Triticale

Commercial food products

Opposed commercial food products to be weary of:
– Brown Rice Syrup
– Croutons
– Breading & Coating Mixes
– Energy Bars
– Flour & Cereal Products
– Drugs & OTC Meds
– Processed Luncheon Meats
– Pastas
– Marinades
– Imitation Seafood
– Imitation Bacon or deli meats
– Condiments & Sauces
– Stuffing
– Thickeners
– Dressings
– Pastas


Approved Alcohol:
– Distilled alcoholic beverages
– Distilled vinegars
– Wine
– Hard liquor

Opposed Alcohol:
– Beers
– Lager
– Ales
– Malt vinegars

Disclaimer: This gluten free food list is not as well-defined as what you would receive in my gluten free coaching programs simply  because it is not based on any goal setting or on produce availability. For a more personalized assignment, or if your interested in any custom meal / diet planning I encourage you to contact me regarding 1:1 coaching where I can walk you through the process more strategically.

In addition to this list I advise you to:

1. Keep reading your food labels as this would enable you to verify gluten free claims. If you see something you’re not familiar with, you know you can’t have or those you can’t pronounce, for a gluten free diet guide- or any diet for that matter you might as well avoid. This is also important when you’re dealing with “wheat free” products because they often times don’t equate to being gluten free.

2. Don’t be afraid to second-guess. Go ahead and investigate the gluten free products you’re interested in because that’s the only way you can check their viability. Call manufacturers and ask questions, or you feel free to post your comments/questions below.

3. Take it slow. Don’t rush into adapting a gluten free diet because it might either make you sick or put you off changing your diet all together. Add or omit one food at a time so you could monitor your intake as well as your body’ reaction to the modifications. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and changing your diet is a life long reward – not short term.

4. Always work with a professional when shifting to a gluten free way of life. For guidance coordinate with a gluten free coach so you could properly integrate the above gluten free diet guide food list to your dietary regimen.

Don’t forget – any questions or comments make them below. I’d love to hear from you!

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