Cook Time: 30 Minutes
Equipment needed:  Food Processor, Tart Tins

Makes 5


Tart Base Ingredients:

65g Pecans

25g Desiccated coconut

35g Cacao nibs

90g Pitted dates

1.5 Tbsp Coconut Oil (melted)


Tart Filling Ingredients:

3 Ripe Avocados

100ml Lime Juice (roughly 5 limes)

85ml Coconut Oil (melted)

Zest of 1 lime

95g Honey



1. Preheat the oven to 180 Degrees.

2. Place the pecans and coconut on a baking-tray and bake in the oven for eight minutes, or until toasted.

3. Add the pecans and coconut to a food processor along with rest of the base ingredients. Process until the mixture is crumbly and sticks together when pressed between fingers.

4. Line the bases of 8 small tart tins with baking-paper and tip some of the base mixture into each one – adding roughly the same amount to each. Press the base down firmly with the back of a plastic spoon. Transfer the tart tins to the Fridge while you make the filling.

5. Add all of the filling ingredients to the food processor and blend until the mixture is completely smooth. Check for taste – add more lime juice or honey according to preference, but it’s best to keep this nice and tangy. Remove the tins from the fridge and pour some of the filling into each one. I filled mine right to the top. Put the tins back in the fridge for several hours or over night.

6. When the tarts are ready, push the bases up from the bottom. Transfer to a plate, decorate with a slice of lime and enjoy.


This recipe was created by:  Sophia from ‘@foodiesagenda’

Hi I’m Sophia, better known as SpoonieSophia. I suffer from chronic illnesses and since becoming really ill earlier this year, I have been experimenting with my DIET as I read that it has fantastic healing powers and can be a very useful medicine. I lead a dairy free, gluten free, caffeine free, anti-inflammatory, high nutrient, low refined sugar diet. So far I have seen some small improvements and I hope that things continue this way 🙂 I currently share my healing journey through food on my blog and instagram.

Instagram:  @SpoonieSophia


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